Patients beware: “Point of care” fat stem cell separation and counting kits inaccurate and not US FDA approved for humans.

An informative paper by Mary Pat Moyer, PhD detailing why “same-day” fat stem cell kits that are becoming more common in doctors’ offices across the US can miscount “stem cells” by large factors leading to over estimation of stem cell counts by as much as 20 times or more.

It also states, “no complete harvest and cell isolation systems have been approved by the FDA for autologous SVF harvest for immediate use [in humans].” These are just a couple of the arguments presented that demonstrate why it’s important to process adipose tissue properly in a professional lab setting.

Morrison DG, Hunt DA, Garza I, Johnson RA, Moyer MP*. Counting and Processing Methods Impact Accuracy of Adipose Stem Cell Doses. BioProcess J, 2012; 11(4): 4-17.

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Jorge Paz MD: Adult Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis, Sports Injury, and Autoimmune Disease || 3 of 3

Stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis using adipose (fat) stem cell. Case study of 76 year-old man with osteoarthritis in his knees. Stromal vasular fraction treatment statistics including side effects collected over 800 infusions. Stem cell treatments for sports injuries and why pro sports stars are seeking treatment. Case study of a professional dancer with knee and neck problems who returned to competition after stem cell treatment in Panama.

Stem cell therapy for rheumatoid arthritis: Michael Foster

In 2005, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and started treatment right away. The traditional treatments did not seem to work. I changed from several treatments and the one that did was an experimental drug. It worked pretty good for about 4 or 5 months and then I fell back. That was about 2 years ago. Then we discontinued it. It really didn’t work. Then I started on Humira and it really didn’t seem to do much of anything. At that time, I could barely walk across street. I was in constant pain.

A year ago in August, I did the stem cells. After about 3 or 4 months, I started to notice a difference. I can’t say I am 100% but from what I was to what I am, I got my life back. I am basically pain free. I still have a little bit of, not necessarily pain but, discomfort in my toes occasionally and sometimes in various joints. It bounces around a little bit. But it’s nothing, nothing like it was before.

In the beginning, I couldn’t sleep for more than 10 minutes at a time and I had to sit in a chair to be able to sleep for those 10 or 15 minutes. It was very discouraging. In fact, I wanted to die. It was so intense that I didn’t want to go on that way. It was not life. And even with the traditional treatments that seemed to help somewhat but it was no relief.

And now with this – like I said – I have my life back. And I am not taking any poisons. I function, basically, normally. I am basically pain free compared to what it was.

They did a mini-liposuction, processed it and gave it to me intravenously. We extended the treatment over 3 or 4 weeks. Since I live here (Panama) it was a lot easier to do that instead of doing it continually which I believe is what they do for most people who live outside Panama. People who had not seen me in a while said that my face has changed and my look. I feel different. Of course, when you are living with pain, you’re awful tight and that’s changed. I just saw some people who I have not seen in a while last week. They remembered when they saw me last, I couldn’t walk. They said, “Wow! You are a new person now.” And I am.

Michael Foster – Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient

Stem cell therapy for rheumatoid arthritis: Darnell Morris

I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for thirty years. I have pain and swelling in all my joints. I have had my left knee replaced also three knuckles in my right hand. I have been on numerous medications for years. None of these proved to be much help. I was not going to take any of the drugs that knockout the immune system. So I was looking for something else when a good friend of mine went to the Stem Cell Institute for treatment of MS. The result was wonderful for him. So I applied and went to Panama City, Panama and had the treatments. We got home on a Tuesday and by Monday I could raise both arms over my head. I have not been able to do this in two years. I also have experienced a feeling of relief in my body. I think this is because the pain level is so much lower after my treatment. I look forward to the year ahead for my continued improvement. I am so thankful I went. My experience was very comfortable and made simple by the planning and preparations of the doctors and their staff.

“I could raise both arms over my head. I have not been able to do this in two years. I also have experienced a feeling of relief in my body. I think this is because the pain level is so much lower after my treatment.”

Update: April, 2011

Good morning,

I am doing quite well . At times, my hands and feet get sore and tender. This is not anywhere close to what it was before. I am thinking of coming back sometime in the future for another treatment. I think that would resolve that problem. Overall, my life has improved tremendously.

When I first came down with rheumatoid arthritis, I had a really big attack . All of my major joints were inflamed , swollen, and painful. At first, my doctors didn’t give me a diagnosis. After this initial onset, the symptoms settled down to my knees, ankles, and hands. This was the way it was for a good many years . Then my feet became involved.

My condition was debilitating. I couldn’t get out of a chair without a struggle or the aid of someone else. Standing was painful due to my feet and knees. Of course the pain, swelling, & inflammation were always present.

Since my stem cell treatment, I can get out of a chair without even thinking; normally and pain free. I am able to raise my arms over my head. I haven’t been able to do that for 5 years. In general, I can say that all my movements are fluid and more normal that they were before treatment .

My quality of life has improved so much.

I went for my Well Woman’s exam and told them about my GREAT improvements. My doctor was impressed and was glad I went; no bias. I still had a high Sed Rate. That was about four months ago. I feel this high rate is due to my hands and feet still having some problems.

However, after my doctor watched me move and walk around , and checked my joints for tenderness, she could see that I had improved.

I would like to say that I was greatly impressed with the doctors, staff and clinic in Panama. Everything was so thought-out. I had no worries because so much preparation had been done for the patients. I was impressed by such cleanliness both in the hospital and the clinic. The staff was so warm and friendly. The doctors were very patient-oriented and clear while explaining the treatments; no language barrier. Panama is such a beautiful country . We loved the history and the people. We just enjoyed our stay.

I have recommended this treatment to others many, many times. I speak to people very often about stem cell treatment and I never miss the opportunity to express how much this has changed my life. Let’s just say that I stay ready to inform people about these treatments!

I am so very thankful for the research that has been done for people. I was looking at being in a wheelchair in the future. Now, I am looking forward to yard work , showing my longhorn cattle, and vacationing with my husband. Enjoying life before was just a dream and now I can truly enjoy each day. Keep up the research. If I can be of any help I am your servant.

Thank You,

Darnell Morris

Stem cell therapy for rheumatoid arthritis: Bryan Gamez

Bryan-Gamez Stem Cells Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient

Bryan Gamez – Stem Cell Recipient and Rheumatoid Arthritis Subject

I have been asked to speak about the treatment and my experience with people in my community.

I was diagnosed with RA at the age of 23 and received the the therapy at the age of 25.

I was working out at the gym 3 times per week until my ankle started hurting. Eventually, I had to stop all activity involving my ankle.

In the morning, I suffered from stiffness and limited flexibility in my joints: wrist, fingers, ankles, knees and hip. My fingers were swollen. I also had trouble kneeling down and gained a lot of weight as a result of my reduced physical activity.

“I could see myself in a wheelchair if I had not received this treatment. I think it saved my life.”

As things progressed, I could not even go for a leisurely walk and if I did manage to go, I couldn’t get out of bed the next morning. My daily work routine became more difficult as time went on. It was hard just to kneel down to pick up my pen. I had stopped doing pushups due to wrist pain.

My doctor prescribed Celebrex for pain and inflammation. I started taking Humira until I went for a jog one day. The next day, I had a major flare up throughout my body. It never worked again after that so I stopped taking it. The Celebrex helped me get through the day at work but I was still in pain.

Then by chance, my mom read about a stem cell therapy seminar being hosted by Dusty Durrill at Del Mar College and my dad went to it. I was skeptical but decided to go since someone like Dusty, whom we knew from our community went himself and spoke so highly of it.

The doctors at the Stem Cell Institute were very professional and nice. They immediately established a close relationship with me and made me feel like a person, not just a number. It was very personal . They were open and answered all of my questions. They treated me like “Bryan”.

Even the office staff was very helpful with non-medical issues. I do customer service all day and while in Panama, I received much more than just “customer service”.

I also got to go on a tour of the laboratory. I found the Q&A particularly helpful. It was nice to have an opportunity to have all issues regarding stem cells addressed.

Since receiving stem cell therapy, my pain level has gone way down. I noticed changes the first day. My hands became less stiff and the pain I usually felt when clenching my hands was reduced.

Now, I still have a little morning stiffness but it goes away quickly. Before treatment, it would linger for an hour or two. My joints are still a little inflamed but I have so much less pain. I just bought a new gym membership. I play racquetball and work out on the elliptical machine. I can bend down and pick up a pencil again and I am still improving! I still take Celebrex for inflammation due to the amount of exercise I am doing but its effect on me is 10-fold since I got the stem cells.

I feel very blessed to have found this treatment because it has done wonders for me and I will continue to recommend the therapy to anybody that may benefit from it.

I could see myself in a wheelchair if I had not received this treatment. I think it saved my life.

Bryan Gamez

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Stem cell therapy for rheumatoid arthritis: Kathleen Flores

“Since the treatment I have no pain; I feel really healthy and now I workout 3 times per week and I`m in better shape than I have been in years.”

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis by my rheumatologist 3 years ago. He wanted me to start some very strong drugs but I didn`t want them because I saw the secondary effects that they had on some of my friends that also have RA. I started searching for alternative options and thank God I found the stem cell treatment. Before my treatment I couldn`t walk without any help, could not climb stairs and I spent all day lying in bed because I felt sick.

After my first day of treatment I slept well, and after the 3rd and last treatment I was walking without any pain or help, it was amazing! Since the treatment I have no pain; I feel really healthy and now I workout 3 times per week and I`m in better shape than I have been in years. The Stem Cell doctors were wonderful with me and I highly recommend this treatment to any one with RA. The cost is not expensive compared to all the money I spent in meds and doctors before I got the stem cell treatment, in fact I save a lot of money.

Stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis: Dr. Janet Vaughan

Pro/Am Dancer is “Dancing with the Stars” Again After Stem Cell Therapy in Panama

Corpus Christi, TX (PRWEB) February 01, 2012

Stem Cell Recipient Janet Vaughan and Eddie Sutts

Dr. Janet Vaughan and Professional 10-Dance World Champion Eddie Stutts

Pro/Am ballroom dancer and orthodontist, Dr. Janet Vaughan, is once again slated to compete on the professional dance circuit with her current professional partner, Mr. Eddie Stutts (Professional 10-Dance World Champion) following a successful stem cell procedure on her knee in Panama.

From 2007-2009, Dr. Vaughan partnered with World Champion Tony Dovolani and competed extensively in the U.S., winning a National Reserve Pro/Am Rhythm title. Tony Dovolani is best known for his appearances on ABC’s hit reality series, “Dancing with the Stars”, and has teamed up with Chynna Phillips, Wendy Williams, Audrina Partridge, Kate Gosselin, Kathy Ireland, Susan Lucci, Jane Seymour and other celebrities on the show.

Dr. Vaughan and Mr. Stutts are slated to compete in the Heritage Classic Dancesport Championships in Asheville, North Carolina next month. This will be the first time Dr. Vaughan has been able to compete since 2010 when she sustained a dancing related knee injury.

Dr. Vaughan also suffered from chronic neck pain resulting from injuries sustained in a car crash twenty years ago. Her neck injury culminated in a natural fusion of the c5-c6 vertebrae, scoliosis and extreme pain when her neck slipped out of alignment.

In an attempt to repair her knee and get her dancing career back on track, Dr. Vaughan decided to undergo stem cell therapy at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama. “I was basically removed from competitive dance work because I could not rise or squat without extreme pain. I had also resigned myself to enduring chronic neck pain from my past accident and painful hand joints due to generalized arthritis,” said Dr. Vaughan.


Dr. Janet Vaughan and “Dancing with the Stars” Tony Dovolani

Dr. Vaughan ‘s knee was treated with stem cells that were harvested from her own adipose (fat) tissue.

The fat tissue sample is collected via mini-liposuction, which is performed by a certified plastic surgeon under light, general anesthesia. Mesenchymal stem cells and T regulatory cells reside within this tissue.

Adipose-derived cells are then separated from the fat at Medistem Panama’s state-of-the-art laboratory at the prestigious City of Knowledge. This entire process is subjected to stringent quality control. Before they can be administered back into the patient, these adipose-derived stem cells are tested for quality, bacterial contamination (aerobic and anaerobic) and endotoxin.

All patients treated with adipose stem cells at the Stem Cell Institute wait about one week before the stem cells can be re-implanted to minimize the probability of the cells migrating back to the liposuction injury site. This essential procedural step separates treatment in Panama from “same-day” protocols offered elsewhere.

The adipose-derived stem cells are administered by a highly-qualified physician into the affected joint(s) (intra-articular injection) and intravenously (IV).

“It’s taken about 6 months but I am amazed at the results I’ve gotten with my knee. Even my neck is better. I used to spend almost $1,000 per month on a neuromuscular massage therapist but I haven’t needed any neuromuscular massages for the past 6 months. I wasn’t counting on that. Even my doctors say that the dense scar tissue in my neck has changed in texture from grizzly to smooth, supple tissue,” exclaimed Dr. Vaughan.

She continued, “I just danced 6 hours in Houston preparing for the upcoming competition in Asheville and my knee isn’t even sore.”

Dr. Vaughan is planning to return to Panama for a follow-up treatment this summer

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Stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis: Dusty Durrill

Prominent Texan, Dusty Durrill, discusses his improvements after undergoing stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama.

Progress report….

Everything doing well.
Had clicking in right knee joint that has disappeared.
Had soreness in right knee on any lateral movement- soreness gone.
Hair is continuing to turn grey from original white…noticed by many folks.
Skin is continuing to clear up (bleaching out) & smoothing up.
Folds of skin on lower neck have disappeared.
ED has disappeared – no need for blue pills any more.
My office staff claims I am more alert & involved than before treatment.
Had a bladder problem of involuntary leakage when going to bathroom.
Involuntary leakage problem is now under control.
All in all I feel your procedure has been an outstanding success.

Dusty D.

CALLER TIMES (Corpus Christi, TX) January, 2 2011

News maker of the Decade: Dusty Durrill
Philanthropist works to beautify Corpus Christi
Durrill credits most of his good health and youthful energy to a stem cell transplant he received in Panama City, Panama. Durrill said the procedure, which is not approved in the United States, eradicated his crippling arthritis and reversed the effects of aging, giving him a slight face-lift and transforming his hair from white to gray.

Durrill said he intends to return to Panama soon for a booster. He hopes to stay active for another two decades, if nothing more than to spend time with his girlfriend, 25 years his junior.

“I got a lot of things I need to do here,” he said. “I got to keep my health. I got to keep things happening.”

DEL MAR COLLEGE CAMPUS NEWS (Corpus Christi, TX) – January 15, 2010

Community Leader Sponsoring Talk on Stem Cell Research and Treatment
Dusty Durrill bringing guest speaker Dr. Jorge Paz Rodriguez to Corpus Christi for free presentation scheduled Friday, June 18, at DMC Center for Economic Development

Community leader and advocate William R. “Dusty” Durrill swears by the treatment––the use of his own stem cells to cure his arthritis. According to Durrill, all his pain has been eradicated through such treatment at the Stem Cell Institute located in Panama City, Panama, by Jorge Paz Rodriguez, M.D.

On Friday, June 18, Durrill is sponsoring a free presentation by Dr. Rodriguez to discuss advances in stem cell research and the treatment methods used to tackle diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease, among others. The presentation is from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in Room 106 of Del Mar College’s Center for Economic Development, located at 3209 S. Staples. For more information about the event, call 884-8857.

Board certified in internal medicine, Dr. Rodriguez has an international practice at the Wellmed Clinic in Panama City and in San Antonio. He is also the medical director of the Stem Cell Institute of Panama.

A former member of both the American Medical Association and the Texas Medical Association, Dr. Rodriguez completed his residency with the New York Medical College after completing studies at the University of Panama and an internship at the Social Security Hospital in Panama. Prior to 2005, he held licensures in New York and Texas and is currently certified to practice medicine in Panama.

Stem cell therapy for Osteoarthritis: Sheri Nahan

Where do you live and when were you diagnosed with osteoarthritis

I live in Stamford, CT. My osteoarthritis was diagnosed in the last two years but I have had pain in the bursa – periformis and lower back, off and on for many years and tried many treatments.

How did your arthritis progress and what were your symptoms before coming to Panama for stem cell therapy?

I was told in May of 2009 – after x-rays, that I have severe arthritis in the right hip and bad arthritis in the left hip. However, by taking Advil I was able to play golf throughout the summer of 2009, but the pain became too intense in 2010 to play golf and do other tasks. Even putting on socks was a problem. I had to physically pull my leg up with my hands. I had pain in the bursa – periformis – gluteus maximus and other muscular areas which was about an 8 on a scale from 1-10. Some days were better than others and the weather was also a factor. It was especially difficult on stairs and inclines. In addition, there was sometimes lower back pain of differing intensities but not as bad as the pain in my hip region. I tried many therapies, injections, and topical medications, some of which had short term response and others that did nothing.

“I have seen very good improvement since my stem cell treatment and I continue to improve.”

How has your condition improved since undergoing stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis?

I have seen very good improvement since my stem cell treatment and I continue to improve. I can put my shoes and socks on with a minimum of discomfort. I can sit at the computer for long periods of time with no pain. Walking up the steps is much improved. I am beginning to use both feet to step up instead of using just one and dragging the other. My energy level is very good.

Has your doctor confirmed your improvements?

So far, Dr. Zabrecky (my doctor) is pleased with my progress. He has had to adjust my back and neck the last few weeks because I have had aching in my lower back and tightness in my neck and shoulders.I was very pleased with the staff and doctors at the clinic. I was treated very well by the staff with special commendation to Dr. Paz and Dr. Caballero.

What did you think about the clinic? The doctors? The Staff? Panama in general?

I was very pleased with the staff and doctors at the clinic.

It is intimidating to go to another country for a medical treatment. Since you ask these kinds of questions, I am sure you will continue formulating the best procedures to make the patients even more comfortable. I believe it takes a lot of belief in the doctor or friend who recommends using stems, in my case Dr. George Zabrecky, to believe that this treatment will work. I think that the more data and testimonials that you collect, the more confidence a patient will have.

As we have discussed before, there are many patients who do not speak Spanish and there are some instances where it is necessary to have a translator which will greatly ease the stress level of being in a foreign country. This is more than doubly stressful because it involves medical treatments. We enjoyed being in Panama and would gladly visit again.

Would you recommend this to other patients?

I would definitely recommend others for treatment.

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Stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis: Juan Gramage

Reactive arthritis

“I could tell you a long story because the experience of having a chronic illness is a tragic and distasteful novel. Almost 4 years ago I began to feel fatigue and pain in my peripheral joints, especially the big ones. The pain was migrating and intensifying every day. I tried many ways to cure myself: synthetic drugs, natural drugs, special diets…

Three or four months ago I received the stem cell treatment and the results have been positive. My pain hasn´t disappeared completely buy I feel that the improvements I felt initially is continuing to strengthen, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and today I can go out. Also I have the confidence that this is the ultimate solution to the pain in my joints.

“I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and today I can go out…”

The first weeks after the injections I felt that the strong pains were decreasing day by day and a month later I felt no more discomfort, the episodes have almost disappeared and I am working with the body feeling new, or at least 75%. I feel better, much better and I believe that if there exists a treatment that is cohesive and successful and still doesn´t harm your health, this is it.

I am deeply touched that new technologies can cure and alleviate the suffering of so many people and at the same time the researches that control the funds of investigation and treatments of these technologies, accountants, administrators and funding-related policy research and treatments, to make this treatment accessible the majority. I have no doubt that health should be a universal right.

If you don´t believe me, talk to be after you suffered through a similar illness. Thanks to all the restless minds that have contributed to these advances.”

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