Stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis: Juan Gramage

Reactive arthritis

“I could tell you a long story because the experience of having a chronic illness is a tragic and distasteful novel. Almost 4 years ago I began to feel fatigue and pain in my peripheral joints, especially the big ones. The pain was migrating and intensifying every day. I tried many ways to cure myself: synthetic drugs, natural drugs, special diets…

Three or four months ago I received the stem cell treatment and the results have been positive. My pain hasn´t disappeared completely buy I feel that the improvements I felt initially is continuing to strengthen, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and today I can go out. Also I have the confidence that this is the ultimate solution to the pain in my joints.

“I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and today I can go out…”

The first weeks after the injections I felt that the strong pains were decreasing day by day and a month later I felt no more discomfort, the episodes have almost disappeared and I am working with the body feeling new, or at least 75%. I feel better, much better and I believe that if there exists a treatment that is cohesive and successful and still doesn´t harm your health, this is it.

I am deeply touched that new technologies can cure and alleviate the suffering of so many people and at the same time the researches that control the funds of investigation and treatments of these technologies, accountants, administrators and funding-related policy research and treatments, to make this treatment accessible the majority. I have no doubt that health should be a universal right.

If you don´t believe me, talk to be after you suffered through a similar illness. Thanks to all the restless minds that have contributed to these advances.”

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