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Stem cell therapy for Osteoarthritis: Sheri Nahan

Where do you live and when were you diagnosed with osteoarthritis

I live in Stamford, CT. My osteoarthritis was diagnosed in the last two years but I have had pain in the bursa – periformis and lower back, off and on for many years and tried many treatments.

How did your arthritis progress and what were your symptoms before coming to Panama for stem cell therapy?

I was told in May of 2009 – after x-rays, that I have severe arthritis in the right hip and bad arthritis in the left hip. However, by taking Advil I was able to play golf throughout the summer of 2009, but the pain became too intense in 2010 to play golf and do other tasks. Even putting on socks was a problem. I had to physically pull my leg up with my hands. I had pain in the bursa – periformis – gluteus maximus and other muscular areas which was about an 8 on a scale from 1-10. Some days were better than others and the weather was also a factor. It was especially difficult on stairs and inclines. In addition, there was sometimes lower back pain of differing intensities but not as bad as the pain in my hip region. I tried many therapies, injections, and topical medications, some of which had short term response and others that did nothing.

“I have seen very good improvement since my stem cell treatment and I continue to improve.”

How has your condition improved since undergoing stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis?

I have seen very good improvement since my stem cell treatment and I continue to improve. I can put my shoes and socks on with a minimum of discomfort. I can sit at the computer for long periods of time with no pain. Walking up the steps is much improved. I am beginning to use both feet to step up instead of using just one and dragging the other. My energy level is very good.

Has your doctor confirmed your improvements?

So far, Dr. Zabrecky (my doctor) is pleased with my progress. He has had to adjust my back and neck the last few weeks because I have had aching in my lower back and tightness in my neck and shoulders.I was very pleased with the staff and doctors at the clinic. I was treated very well by the staff with special commendation to Dr. Paz and Dr. Caballero.

What did you think about the clinic? The doctors? The Staff? Panama in general?

I was very pleased with the staff and doctors at the clinic.

It is intimidating to go to another country for a medical treatment. Since you ask these kinds of questions, I am sure you will continue formulating the best procedures to make the patients even more comfortable. I believe it takes a lot of belief in the doctor or friend who recommends using stems, in my case Dr. George Zabrecky, to believe that this treatment will work. I think that the more data and testimonials that you collect, the more confidence a patient will have.

As we have discussed before, there are many patients who do not speak Spanish and there are some instances where it is necessary to have a translator which will greatly ease the stress level of being in a foreign country. This is more than doubly stressful because it involves medical treatments. We enjoyed being in Panama and would gladly visit again.

Would you recommend this to other patients?

I would definitely recommend others for treatment.

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