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Stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis: Judi Lecoq

Judi Lecoq discusses how multiple sclerosis took her from working and playing guitar to walking with a cane and preparing to order a scooter. Then she shares how stem cell therapy at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama have given her back her life.

Judi’s Story – from

Six Month Update:

We have made it to the half-year point! I completed my initial Stem Cell Transplant just over 6 months ago. My blog has chronicled the entire journey; before, during and after.

As I prepare to return to Panama and The Stem Cell Institute for my second Stem Cell Transplant, it is incredibly important to acknowledge the repairs that have resulted from the first Transplant.

Before the transplant I walked with a cane, was able to stand on my legs for only a few minutes at a time, needed to sit most of the time and had ordered a power chair. I also had a nagging pain under my right foot, was too uncoordinated to play my guitar well (note the “Today” video) and really profound…my bladder was shot, kaput, finished.

Now, 6 months after the Transplant, I walk without a cane, can stand for hours on my legs, the pain under my right foot is gone, I am playing my guitar again and AMAZING…my bladder is fixed!

I must say that my walking is not perfect and my balance needs repair too, but I am confident that another Transplant will help. Each time that Stem Cells are delivered to my nerves, I will see repair…this I know.

The video news video above was recorded the 7th of January, 2011. My last day of the first treatment was the 9th of July, 2010. Thank you to Meredith Land of NBC-DFW. ~ Judi

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