Stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury: The Spinal Cord Journey

A short film about three spinal cord injury patients who share their stories of tragedy, hope and recovery following stem cell treatments for spinal cord injury at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama. See them demonstrate their improvements by lifting themselves up, standing and even walking after stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy for spinal cord injury: Theo Kostoulas

Theo Kostoulas is a T-6 complete spinal cord injury patient. He received a course of 16 stem cell therapy injections using umbilical cord-derived stem cells and his own bone marrow-derived stem cells. The cells were injected both intravenously and intrathecally (into the spinal fluid). During his stay in Panama and as part of his treatment [...]

Allogeneic and autogolous stem cell therapy combined with physical rehabilitation: A case report on a chronically injured man with quadriplegia

Daniel Leonard in Panama This is a research paper written by Rebecca Johnston, Daniel Leonard's sister. She recently graduated from a Physical Therapy degree program, and wrote her Capstone paper about Daniel's stem cell therapy treatment in Panama. Daniel is presented anonymously in the paper, but Rebecca and Daniel have given their permission for [...]

Stem cell treatments for autism: Kenneth Kelley

May 2013 - Update from April 2013 treatment "I don't know what is going on, but we are already seeing changes with Ken almost as much as our first stem cell treatment in 2009! I never expected this at this point in treatment!! Ken is so calm, this is fantastic, as two treatments ago, his [...]

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Stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury: Trish Stressman

Stem cell recipient Trish Stressman discusses her recovery from spinal cord injury after undergoing stem cell therapy at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama. Ms. Stressman has regained control of her core and is now able to stand and walk with a walker. I now have my abs, back, obliques, hip flexors, and [...]

Stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury: Juan Carlos Murillo

Juan Carlos Murillo is a commercial airline pilot who suffered spinal cord injuries in 4 separate areas of his spinal cord. Doctors told him that his injury was "complete" and that he would never walk again. After completing four rounds of stem cells at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama, Juan Carlos is [...]

Stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury: CBS News – Gina McLoud

Working to Walk Again Chris McKinnon – CBS News KRE TV A year ago Brandy Moss was just like any 16 year old. Moss doesn’t remember the car accident that left her paralyzed from the chest down, only what doctors told her at the hospital. She explained, “I was going to pick my mom up [...]