Stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury: Trish Stressman

Stem cell recipient Trish Stressman discusses her recovery from spinal cord injury after undergoing stem cell therapy at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama. Ms. Stressman has regained control of her core and is now able to stand and walk with a walker.

I now have my abs, back, obliques, hip flexors, and glutes all contracting!

“My name is Trish Stressman. On May 26, 2007 I was in an ATV accident and suffered a burst fracture of my T-6 vertebrae, which left me with a bruised spinal cord. I was labeled a complete spinal cord injury with no movement or feeling below my T-6 injury line. Two years later I found out about Cell Medicine. I wish that I would have found out even earlier because it was great to have “hope” again. I went to Costa Rica for my stem cell treatment. The facilities there were great. They were very clean, professional, organized and modern. The Dr.’s at Cell Medicine and at the Cima Hospital were amazing. They always took lots of time with me and they truly cared about me and my recovery. I always felt safe and knew I could contact them at any time. The Physical Therapy there was also amazing. Within two months of getting the umbilical cord blood and my own bone marrow stem cells through intrathecal injections and IV’s I gained a lot. I now have my abs, back, obliques, hip flexors, and glutes all contracting! I am working now to bring them to full strength and they are almost there. I can stand for an hour now locking my own hips in place while not placing my hands on any support. My knees are not locking on their own yet but I hope to gain that back in the future.”

– Trish Stressman

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