Tony Robbins: Life Force & Stem Cell Therapy

Life Force & Stem Cell Therapy

Tony Robbins has been a revered model for living a happy and healthy life for years. Between his speaking engagements and motivational books, Robbins has inspired countless individuals to find a more joyful and fulfilling life. 


Recently, Robbins has inspired his followers to “increase your energy, strength, vitality, health span, and power” through his new book, Life Force: How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life & Those You Love. His book specifically discusses the transformative quality stem cell therapy can have on your life.


What is Tony Robbins’ experience and background with stem cell therapy? Today we’ll review:

  • Tony Robbins’ journey with stem cells
  • Visits to Stem Cell Institute in Panama
  • Tony’s view on stem cell therapy now 


Stem Cell Treatments: Torn Rotator Cuff

Tony Robbins first sought stem cell therapy as a treatment option when he was struggling with spinal stenosis and a torn rotator cuff. Doctors told him there were no other options outside of rotator cuff surgery and a recovery period that could last six months or more. In Robbins’ words, “Can you imagine me slowing down for 6+ months!!?”


Robbins knew he needed to find an alternative treatment. He heard about the transformative benefits of stem cell therapy at Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama. After he made the decision to go to Panama for stem cell treatment, in 2018 he posted on Instagram:


Life Force & Stem Cell Therapy“Feeling absolutely invigorated after our trip to Panama this weekend, where I received the transformative benefits of stem cell therapy! Our huge thanks and honor to all the doctors and the bright, caring medical staff at the state-of-the-art Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama. Stem cells saved my shoulder after struggling with excruciating pain from spinal stenosis and, more recently, a torn rotator cuff. Stem cell treatment is truly a next-level health innovation that can reverse the wear and tear we put on our bodies and prevent debilitating disease and injury from escalating further. This technological advancement will impact humanity in life-changing ways— it has the potential to transform and save MILLIONS of lives! I’m so grateful to be a recipient of this life-changing medical treatment!”


The improvement Robbins saw in his rotator cuff inspired him to return to Stem Cell Institute for treatment multiple times and became a foundation for future endeavors.


Stem Cell Institute in Panama

To receive his treatment, Robbins traveled to our treatment facility in Panama City, Panama. We treat patients similar to Robbins every single day— those who are suffering from chronic illnesses or injuries and haven’t found success elsewhere by administering Advanced Stem Cell Therapy. 


Our clinic and treatment center is located in the same building as the Hilton Panama, where patients also stay for the duration of their treatment. A standard room at the Hilton is even included in the cost of treatment. Ultimately, our vision is for patients to experience maximum comfort and sense of ease during their stay.


The staff doctors at Stem Cell Institute are known for their compassionate care of our patients and dedication to providing an excellent experience when you visit our facility for stem cell therapy. They each bring their own diverse training and expertise that elevates our approach towards treatment.


Traveling to Panama for Stem Cell Therapy

One of the biggest perks to seeking treatment in Panama is the opportunity to travel and explore a new and exciting place. Patients who visit Panama for stem cell therapy find themselves in a vibrant destination filled with every kind of experience one might imagine. No matter what you enjoy, there is something for you to appreciate.


A city teeming with history, nature, modern engineering and concepts, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking art, Panama City is the perfect background for our clinic. Patients are free to venture into the city for new experiences when they are not receiving treatment. Our concierge team can even make suggestions based on what you enjoy seeing and doing. 


Staying at the Hilton Panama

It is also possible for patients to enjoy their time in Panama without ever leaving the Hilton Panama. The Hilton Panama is set up to give you everything you need, including:

  • Multiple on-site bars and restaurants
  • Room service
  • An outdoor pool and spa
  • Luxury spa
  • Workout room 


Visitors have everything they want in one place. You even have beautiful views of the ocean and Panama’s Cinta Costera, the lush walkway that runs in front of the hotel and beside the ocean.


Transformative Benefits of Stem Cells

Of course, the principal benefit patients receive when they visit Stem Cell Institute is ultimately the stem cells themselves. Tony Robbins has attributed his first experience with stem cell therapy to Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama, multiple times. 


He trusted the possibility of improvement that could come from using specially selected adult stem cells donated from umbilical cords that were by-products of healthy, normal births. These are the only cells used at Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama. 


Our clinic’s founder, Neil Riordan, PA, PhD, established a unique type of stem cell that proved to be highly effective compared to other options. These stem cells are Riordan’s Golden Cells™


Through the research and high-throughput screening process our laboratory has gone through with these cells, we are now able to offer these incredible cells to every patient who seeks treatment from Stem Cell Institute.


Tony Robbins has been a big supporter of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine as options for improving health and vitality since receiving stem cell therapies. He supports it so much he wrote an entire book about it in 2022. 


Life Force & Stem Cell TherapyLife Force the Book

Tony Robbins authored Life Force: How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life & Those You Love with Peter H. Diamandis and Robert Hariri. The entire book focuses on scientific solutions that combat 

  • Illnesses 
  • Life-threatening diagnoses 
  • The effects of aging 


In his book, Robbins attributes his venture into precision medicine with his own experiences. In chapter one, he states:


“I might never have learned about the power of precision medicine or many of the regenerative breakthroughs at the heart of this book if not for a terrible accident that threatened to derail my entire way of life when I was 54… It turned out that I’d torn my rotator cuff… I met with three specialists who all advised surgery. But the recovery process would be slow and arduous, and I could be sidelined for six months or even longer if things didn’t go well.”


Robbins was determined to find a different solution that wouldn’t mean the end of life as he knew it. With the guidance of Robert Hariri, he discovered stem cell therapy. In his book, Robbins quotes Hariri saying:

“‘You need the strongest, youngest, most powerful stem cells,’ he told me.’You need ten-day-old stem cells that have the force of life in them.’” 


A few weeks later, Robbins traveled to the Stem Cell Institute in Panama for his first stem cell treatment. After that first treatment, he discovered that the pain he had been living with for the past 14 years was completely gone. Robbins claims that stem cells changed his life, and now he’s shouting it from the rooftops in the hopes it can improve the lives of others.


Stem Cell Therapy: A Rising Tide

The science behind stem cell treatments is an initiative that Stem Cell Institute has been heavily involved in. Dr. Neil Riordan published his #1 best-selling book about stem cell therapy, Stem Cell Therapy: A Rising Tide, to share this amazing information with everyone. Tony Robbins even endorsed it saying, “Neil takes readers on a riveting journey through the past, present and future of stem cell therapy. His well-researched, educational and entertaining book could change your life. I highly recommend it.”


To discover more about the possibilities of stem cell therapy, order Riordan’s book today!


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