How Much Does Stem Cell Therapy Cost?

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Stem Cell Institute has been providing the highest quality stem cell therapy to patients for over 15 years. From autism to sports injuries, we’ve seen patients’ conditions improve in ways that some of them never thought possible. In this article, we answer “how much does stem cell therapy cost?” as well as what makes Stem Cell Institute unique among stem cell clinics across the globe.


Treatment at Stem Cell Institute starts at $15,825 for children and $26,900 for adults. While it’s important to know how much stem cell therapy costs, it’s also necessary to see what each clinic includes in the cost. At Stem Cell Institute, you will receive care from a medical team that is at the forefront of stem cell therapy as well as research.


How Much Does Stem Cell Therapy Cost at Stem Cell Institute?

At Stem Cell Institute in Panama, the stem cell treatment cost starts at 15,825 USD for children and 26,900 USD for adults. In addition to stem cell injections from a top-rated medical team, patients receive VIP customs clearance upon arrival at the airport, ground transportation, and a stay at the world-class Hilton Panama.


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What Makes Stem Cell Institute Unique?

Founded by Neil Riordan, Ph.D., Stem Cell Institute has provided unbiased, scientifically-based stem cell therapy since 2006. Dr. Riordan’s groundbreaking research on treating humans with adipose-derived stem cells has been widely cited across the scientific community over the past decade, and his biotechnology company has become the foundation for our stem cell treatment protocols.


This is what makes Stem Cell Institute more than a medical clinic. Combined with Medistem Panama, a leading applied stem cell research center, our stem cell clinic is part of a fully-functional treatment and research group. We work with top research institutions in the United States and across the globe to bring the latest developments in stem cell therapy and testing to light.


Our mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are derived from the umbilical cords of newborn babies. We only used umbilical cords donated from normal, healthy births at Stem Cell Institute. Every donation also goes through a thorough screening and sterilization process to ensure only the highest quality stem cell product for treating multiple sclerosis (MS) and other health issues.


These cells are known for helping the body:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Regenerate body tissue
  • Regulate the immune system


MSCs are also known as medicinal signaling cells. This means that they have the unique ability to communicate with surrounding tissues and cells. Another advantage is that they aren’t recognized as foreign bodies by the recipient’s immune system once transplanted. 


This ensures that they aren’t rejected, making them the perfect basis for Stem Cell Institute’s signature Golden Cells™ and an ideal treatment option. Our extensive research and the quality of our cells factor into the cost of stem cell therapy, ultimately contributing to the increased likelihood of improvement after treatment.


Golden Cells™ 

For over 15 years, Stem Cell Institute has been at the forefront of stem cell research. We have made great strides in our own research, advancing from cord blood stem cells, bone marrow stem cells and adipose-derived cells to MSCs. Thanks to our focus on always pushing the field further, we landed on our greatest innovation so far: Golden Cells™.


These unique cells were discovered at our Medistem Panama research center and required years of research to identify. This began after noticing that some of our patients saw improvement beyond other patients or what was expected. We wanted to know what made these cases unique, so we began a two-and-a-half-year retrospective analysis to learn why.


What we discovered was nothing short of groundbreaking. By analyzing our most successful cases, we found that their stem cell treatments were limited almost exclusively to six cell lines. Putting these lines to the test, we discovered that they had a significantly different molecular signature from the others. Dr. Riordan dubbed these highly successful cells Golden Cells™.


As. Dr. Riordan Explains:


This is the first time in history that anyone has been able to retrospectively analyze which MSCs have more benefit. I like to say that an MSC is not an MSC. They are not all created equal. If you are picking a basketball team, would you want me on your team or LeBron James, possibly the best basketball player of all time? We are both humans, but our abilities on the court are not equal. It’s the same with MSCs. Some perform better than others. That’s why we’ve been working to select the best cells for use in patients with chronic disease. Now we can retrospectively analyze existing data on outcomes. We are the only stem cell company with the data to do that.”


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Stem cell therapy in Panama starts between $15,825 and $26,900 depending on whether you are a child or adult. More than a clinic, we are a leader in global stem cell research. With Stem Cell Institute, you will receive stem cell therapy from leaders in the field using our Golden Cells™ in what many of our patients have told us is one of the most beautiful facilities on the planet.


Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama is at the forefront of applied stem cell research. Since our inception in 2006, we have performed over 25,000 procedures, helping thousands of families across the United States and around the world embrace the opportunity for a better life. Our medical team prioritizes the health and well-being of all our patients through top-notch stem cell treatment and care. Browse our FAQs or call us toll-free at 1-800-980-STEM to learn more.

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