Join Us: Stem Cell Therapy Miami Seminar in February 2024!

Stem Cell Therapy Miami Seminar in February 2023


We are thrilled to announce that Stem Cell Institute is hosting an educational stem cell therapy seminar! This free seminar will be on Saturday, February 3, 2024, in Miami, FL. It is a live, in-person event that will last from 1 – 4 p.m. EST. 


The seminar will feature: 

  • Engaging presentations
  • Testimonials from actual patients
  • Real examples of stem cell treatment results


NOTE: This event will not be streamed on the internet


Light refreshments will be provided for those in attendance. Registered attendees also receive a free copy of Dr. Riordan’s book, Stem Cell Therapy: A Rising Tide: How Stem Cells Are Disrupting Medicine and Transforming Lives. In this book, Neil Riordan, PA, PhD, recounts his experience with Golden Cells™ and how they may help lead to better outcomes for patients at Stem Cell Institute. 


This educational seminar will be held in-person at The Hyatt Regency in sunny Miami, Florida. Sessions begin at one in the afternoon and will wrap up three hours later at four in the afternoon. Self-parking is available across the street for $22, as well as valet parking for $38 for two to four hours.


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Event Speakers

Our lineup of speakers features some of the world’s leading experts on stem cell therapy, including:

  • Neil Riordan, PA, PhD
  • Jorge Paz-Rodriguez, MD
  • Tejas V. Ozarkar, MD
  • Roberta Shapiro, DO, FAAPM&R


Neil Riordan, PA, PhD

stem cell therapy miami seminar

Neil Riordan, PA, PhD is one of the early pioneers and experts in applied stem cell research. Dr. Riordan is founder, chairman and chief science officer of Stem Cell Institute in Panama, which specializes in the treatment of human diseases and conditions using Golden Cells™. Dr. Riordan is also an established author and inventor. Together with leading universities, he has published numerous papers in peer reviewed medical journals and has 17 families of patent applications. 


Jorge Paz-Rodriguez, MD

stem cell therapy miami seminar

In his roles as a board member, medical director, and founder of Stem Cell Institute, Dr. Paz guides a team of seasoned physicians dedicated to enhancing the lives of patients through stem cell therapy. Additionally, he serves as the director of Wellmed Clinic in Panama and previously held the position of director at Wellmed Clinic in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Paz completed his medical training in internal medicine at Lincoln Hospital in New York City and holds board certification in internal medicine.


Tejas V. Ozarkar, MD

stem cell therapy miami seminar

Serving as the medical director at Riordan Medical Institute (RMI) in Southlake, TX, Dr. Ozarkar is a double board-certified physician in pain management and physical medicine/rehabilitation, having received his training from Ivy League institutions. He possesses extensive expertise in addressing the needs of patients dealing with issues such as neck, back, and joint pain.


Roberta Shapiro, DO, FAAPM&R

stem cell therapy miami seminar

Dr. Shapiro serves as an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center. She also operates a private practice for physical medicine and rehabilitation in New York City and Miami. There, she focuses on the treatment of acute and chronic pain disorders.


Cesalina Gracie (Host)

Cesalina GracieCesalina Gracie is a female empowerment entrepreneur, athlete (teacher), and TV presenter. Cesalina owns a school of empowerment in Los Angeles and uses the art and philosophy of jiu-jitsu to help girls and women discover their own inner champion. On May 22nd, 2023 Cesalina made history after being the 8th Brazilian woman to summit Mount Everest. As a passionate advocate of health and wellness, she will be hosting our event and sharing her personal story of how Stem Cell Institute impacted her family.


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About Stem Cell Institute

Established in 2006, our team was brought together to deliver unbiased, scientifically validated treatment options for individuals grappling with degenerative diseases. Originating from an American biotechnology company founded by Dr. Neil Riordan, our scientific foundation is underscored by extensive research and publications in peer-reviewed medical journals, complemented by 17 families of patent applications.


Built on the clinical application of stem cells, our medical practice was inaugurated in 2006 and has successfully conducted over 50,000 procedures. We prioritize staying at the forefront of advancements, and maintaining regular collaboration with national and international colleagues engaged in stem cell clinical trials.


Stem Cell Institute operates under a mission focused on pioneering novel treatment protocols for chronic diseases using adult stem cells. We always adhere to the highest international bioethics standards. Our commitment extends to providing transparent, honest, and human-quality care aimed at enhancing the well-being of our patients.


Renowned for compassionate patient care, the doctors at the Stem Cell Institute bring diverse training and expertise, ensuring an exceptional experience for those seeking stem cell therapy at our facility. Their dedication underscores our commitment to delivering top-notch treatment approaches.


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