Treating Autism With Stem Cells—Interviewing Stephen Lallo

Neil Riordan, PA, Ph.D., sat down with Stephen Lallo in 2017 to discuss treating autism with stem cells. The Lallos’ son, Jack, was diagnosed with autism at the age of two and they had tried every treatment available. Since stem cell therapy at Stem Cell Institute in Panama, they have noticed a marked change in their son’s quality of life.




Stephen’s Son Before Stem Cell Therapy

Stephen’s son, Jack, had suffered from gastrointestinal issues since birth and was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. Like any caring parents, Stephen and his wife tried everything they could to treat Jack’s condition, including:


  • The now discontinued DAN! protocol
  • Homeopathy
  • Homotoxicology


Unfortunately, none of their effects were lasting. As Stephen explains:


“Some things worked but nothing was permanent. It always regressed back to the original state unless we kept on top of it with those supplements or whatever else we were using. They all worked, but only for a limited amount of time.”


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Treating Autism with Stem Cells in Panama

The Lallos eventually learned about the possibilities of treating autism with stem cells and decided to give it a shot. They brought Jack to Stem Cell Institute in Panama for his first round of treatment in the summer of 2015. He was provided an intravenous treatment protocol over four days, each session consisting of nine million cells.


We specifically use human umbilical cord tissue mesenchymal stem cells (hUCT-MSCs) at Stem Cell Institute. Derived from umbilical cord tissue, they are known for being multipotent in vitro as well as self-renewing. hUCT-MSCs are considered to be adult stem cells since they are donated from live, healthy births. 


This is an important factor for many people since it means that the cells aren’t collected from human embryos. For practicing Catholics like the Lallos and many others, hUCT-MSCs are an ethical and consensual way to receive important medical treatment.


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How Jack’s Life Has Changed Since Stem Cell Therapy

The Lallos saw an immediate improvement in Jack’s gut issues and inflammation following his first round of treatment. According to Stephen, “It was the best six months since his diagnosis.” Unfortunately, Jack’s gut problems returned. Rather than give up, Stephen and his wife decided to bring their son back for an increased protocol of 60 million cells. 


This is when they saw major improvements in Jack. Stephen says:


“The proof was in the pudding when they had his IEP meeting at school. They had everything on a whiteboard. One section was all the things he couldn’t do the previous year and another side was everything he could do this year. The section for things he couldn’t do this year was blank.”


Before treating autism with stem cells, Jack was sent home early nearly every day due to pain from gastrointestinal issues. Now he is happy, has friends, and is able to finish the school day without any problems.


Side Effects of Stem Cell Therapy

It’s perfectly normal to be concerned about the side effects of any medical procedure. This is especially true for parents who only want the best for their child. While this is a perfectly valid concern, stem cell therapy at Stem Cell Institute is not known to have caused any major adverse events in our 15+ year history. 


Stephen and his wife did notice some slight changes in Jack’s behavior after treatment—namely hyperactivity. But as Stephen points out, “He’s always had sleeping issues so we never know if it’s because of that. We don’t see anything out of the ordinary outside of a little hyperactivity. We actually saw a calming effect after his last treatment and he slept all afternoon for two weeks.”


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Stephen Lallo and his wife had tried everything for their son, Jack, following his autism diagnosis. Our founder, Dr. Riordan, sat down with Stephen to discuss treating autism with stem cells and how it has impacted Jack’s life. Stephen is thrilled to report that Jack has improved a great deal since his initial treatments and they plan to continue treatment in the future.


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2017 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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