Mesenchymal Stem Cells (Golden Cells™) for Autism with Luciano S.

Luciano S. started coming to Stem Cell Institute in 2019 following an autism diagnosis. Since then, his condition has improved by leaps and bounds. Check out the video below and read about his experience receiving our specially-selected mesenchymal stem cells, known as Golden Cells™, for autism at Stem Cell Institute in Panama.



Luciano’s Autism Diagnosis

Anthony has been bringing his son, Luciano, to Stem Cell Institute, our clinic in Panama, for the past few years. These visits began following Luciano’s autism diagnosis. “Life for Luciano before we came to Stem Cell Institute for infusions was rough,” says Anthony. “I mean nothing short of rough. 


“I think he was frustrated, withdrawn, isolated. And that’s a very rough thing for a parent to see.”


Luciano struggled with coordination and communication. Being unable to communicate was very frustrating for him, which led to tantrums and becoming more withdrawn. He never initiated communication. “You always had to draw it out of him,” explained Anthony. “It was almost nonexistent. No eye contact, not very social, and it was tough. Very tough.” 


This all changed following Luciano’s autism diagnosis. His diagnosis kicked off a process of applying for treatment and traveling to Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama, for autism stem cell treatment.


Getting Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Autism

Speaking of Luciano’s autism diagnosis, Anthony said:


“When we identified the issue, I told my wife “I know where we’re going” and she agreed. And so obviously we went through the application process and we were approved. We came down to [Stem Cell Institute in] Panama and I will tell you that the second day, he went up to a little girl at the pool and introduced himself.”


Anthony can’t describe this moment without becoming emotional. “It’s an emotional thing to talk about, right? Because it was the first sign that he could have a normal life.”


Since then, Luciano has progressed by leaps and bounds. “He’s far more secure and verbal to a point where sometimes you just want to say ‘Shhh,’” Anthony says laughingly. 

Luciano waving at Stem Cell Institute Panama


Detailing Luciano’s progress, Anthony says that he is:

  • Inquisitive
  • Kind
  • Happy


He’s also much more social, wanting to play with his sisters and friends.


“You took a little kid who was almost in the dark, and I wouldn’t say afraid, but uncomfortable in almost every situation. Now you have a child that’s in the light, that’s comfortable in almost every situation. And that’s life-changing for him, his sisters, and his parents.”


Anthony is more hopeful for his son’s future than ever before, saying, “I think now he’s on his way to streamlining into society and education.”


Updates on Luciano’s Progress

Luciano has been coming to us for a few years now and returned for his third visit in 2022. According to Anthony, treatment with our proprietary Golden Cells™, a type of mesenchymal stem cells for autism unique to Stem Cell Institute Panama, has been “paradigm-shifting for his autism.” 


“He has progressed faster and quicker. All his therapists and neuropsychologists have said that while we see typically at his age the gap widening, they are now seeing the gap narrowing for him.”


Anthony was able to go into more detail in 2023 when he and Luciano came in for another treatment. “My son is a very active little guy,” says Anthony. “He enjoys jiu-jitsu, playing golf, and running and playing like any normal boy.” 


“So obviously these are huge, huge, huge events in our lives. This has been paradigm-shifting and life-changing for us. And after the Stem Cell Institute, my wife has a life again. She’s running around a lot with his therapies and the girls and their soccer and their basketball and the jiu-jitsu and all of that. So it’s crazy, but it’s a good crazy.”



The Stem Cell Institute Experience

Stem Cell Institute room

When describing Stem Cell Institute, Anthony says that his experience with us has been “nothing short of fantastic. It’s been fabulous.”


“From the second someone at the front desk greets you to the nurses, the techs, and the doctors are just phenomenal. Everybody understands the uncomfortableness so people put your mind at ease and make you feel comfortable. They understand the fear and anxiety, not just in the child, which there is a lot, but also the anxiety in the parent.”


Anthony understands that some people may be hesitant about receiving medical treatment outside of the United States. However, he says that the cure is researching Panama itself. He says, “If you read a little bit about Panama, you quickly understand that it’s the Switzerland of Central and South America.”


The key to Panama’s prosperity is in the Panama Canal. This has led to safe streets as well as a strong banking system. Anthony enjoys the culture, food, and ability to communicate in English when he visits Panama City. For those who may still be sitting on the fence, he encourages you by saying, “You never feel uncomfortable. The city has a tremendous amount to offer.”


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Diagnosed with autism, Luciano began treatments at Stem Cell Institute. Before treatment, Luciano struggled with communication and social interaction. Since starting therapy, he has made remarkable progress, becoming more verbal, social, and confident. His father describes their experience as life-changing, praising the clinic’s supportive environment and Panama’s welcoming atmosphere.


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