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Novel Multiple Sclerosis Stem Cell Study Begins

A small group of patients with multiple sclerosis were enrolled in a new pilot clinical trial to test bone marrow stem cell therapy at Frenchay Hospital. The aim of the trial is to find out what effects, good or bad, it has on patients with MS, and their disability. It is being conducted by the University of Bristol and North Bristol NHS Trust.

Bone marrow is of great interest to those working to develop new treatments for many diseases, including those affecting the nervous system since the marrow is known to contain stem cells capable of replacing cells in many types of tissues and organs.

Until now, patients have not been treated in this manner, but laboratory studies in Bristol and elsewhere have worked with similar cells to determine potential benefits to aid repair in multiple sclerosis.

The trial is being led by the University of Bristol and Neil Scolding who is a Professor of Clinical Neurosciences for North Bristol NHS Trust.

He said:

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