New York Woman Feels Good Enough to Dance After Stem Cell Treatment

The life of a New York woman was almost destroyed because of a root canal treatment that became infected. Once an active individual, the infection spread causing Ann to have difficulty breathing as the bacteria multiplied and spread towards her heart. Her heart began to fail when one of her heart valves stopped functioning properly.

Ann was rushed to have immediate valve repair once the doctors found the source of the problem which was initially mistaken for pneumonia. She grew sick of being tired all the time as the months following surgery became a struggle.

A company in Bangkok, Thailand was reporting success using a patient’s own adult stem cells to treat cardiomyopathy, ischemic heart disease, and congestive heart failure. The woman investigated further, intrigued by the possibility of getting her life back. Ann had made up her mind to the extent of 50/50, but the tipping point came when over Thanksgiving, she couldn’t pick up her grandson.

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