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Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells and Their Importance

The placenta and umbilical cord contain blood that is jointly referred to as umbilical cord blood. Following the delivery of a baby, the blood is extracted right away. This blood is an extremely rich source of adult stem cells. Stem cells can begin replenishing or repairing old cells in the body by adjusting at anytime. And by having the capability to transform into new brain, blood, heart, and other types of cells; stem cells can bee viewed as the architects of the human body.

Information about birth defect, various diseases, and other ailments, can be discovered by scientists through stem cell research. The underlying secrets responsible for deformities and genetic diseases can be discovered with study. Stem cells have the power to create any cell the body needs by multiplying many times over until the body has repaired itself.

There are a vast number of conditions and diseases that are currently being treated using umbilical cord blood stem cells.

Extensive research is being conducted the benefits of cord blood stem cells in ailments like Brain tumor, Ovarian cancer, Small cell lung cancer, testicular cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, spinal injury, diabetes, Parkinson

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