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Thai Hospital Helps American Man’s Heart with Adult Stem Cell Procedure

Bill was running out of time. He owned 126 different timepieces, he was in a sense, a time collector. But ironically enough, he was losing the very thing he spent his life trying to gather.

Bill only had a year to live according to his cardiologist. That was 7 months ago. His 77-year-old body had been through enough after he suffered damaged tissues and blood vessels in three-quarters of his heart due to three separate heart attacks over the past 15 years. The damage was supposedly irreversible.

“My heart looked like a moon just coming up over the horizon,” he said. “Most of my heart was dead.”

Performing even the most uncomplicated tasks became almost impossible because breathing became so difficult for Bill.

“Going to the barn or even across a room was so hard I had to sit down,” he said. “I couldn’t think real good and I was so weak.”

Then one day, Bill

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