Adult Stem Cells Treat Cerebral Palsy

Europe’s leading stem cell organization, the XCell-Center of Germany, has released results from a follow-up study in which significant improvement was seen in 67% of 45 cerebral palsy patients who were treated with their own autologous adult stem cells derived from bone marrow.

According to the press release, the most common improvement reported by the patients was improved hand and finger coordination, as well as less upper limb spasticity. Additionally, improvement in leg and foot coordination were observed in nearly half of the patients, with 40% reporting reduced lower limb spasticity, and 20% reporting improvement in walking ability. Speech improvement was also found in 40% of the patients, and 20% reported improved cognition.

As described by Mrs. Ritu Giacobbe, whose 13-year-old son was among the patients treated in the study, "Not long after the treatment, our son started speaking in full sentences. His fine motor skills have improved and he can now hold his fork and eat without help."

Other parents of children who were recently treated at the XCell-Center had nothing but praise for the therapy. According to the mother of a boy who was treated, "For Dominic, the most significant improvement has been his ability to focus his eyes." Similarly, according to the mother of another boy who received the therapy, "Some of the milestones are significant. Harrison can roll himself over now. He holds his head up without his chin sinking into his chest. His speech is clearer."

According to Dr. Ute Tamaschke, pediatric neurosurgeon at the XCell-Center, "These results confirm what we see in Germany on a weekly basis: that treating patients with their own stem cells yields positive results. Many of these children require less care and are now more independent. And this positively impacts the quality of life of the children and their caregivers. We couldn’t be more delighted."

The treatment involves harvesting a small amount of bone marrow from the patient’s hip via a procedure known as thin needle mini-puncture, from which the adult stem cells are then separated, counted, purified and readministered into the patient’s cerebrospinal fluid via a fine spinal needle between the L4 and L5 vertebrae. From the cerebrospinal fluid, the stem cells are automatically transported into the brain where they naturally target and regenerate damaged tissue.

The cost for the treatment for cerebral palsy patients starts at around 9,000 Euros.

With clinical treatment centers in both Cologne and Dusseldorf, Germany, the XCell-Center is the first privately-owned clinic in Europe to specialize in regenerative medicine using autologous adult bone marrow stem cell therapy. Since its founding in January of 2007, the XCell-Center has treated more than 1,600 patients – "safely", as stated on the website.

The XCell-Center uses therapies that are based exclusively upon autologous (in which the donor and recipient are the same person) adult stem cells derived from bone marrow. In no case are embryonic stem cells ever used. As stated clearly on their website, "Therapy with embryonic stem cells is strictly prohibited in Germany. At the XCell-Center, we only use the patient’s own stem cells for therapy."

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