VIDEO – Stem Cell Therapy for Autism – Reese

Good morning my name is Joe from Sydney Australia. This is my son Reese. Reese is seven years of age. When Reese was two years old, my wife noticed Reese wasn’t reaching his milestones. After some time and research and seeing some local doctors, we were informed that Reese has autism, dyspraxia and low tone.

My wife then, day and night, researched and researched how to help our son through therapies and in time she’s become… heard about stem cells here in Panama and vigorously studied and researched again.

He’s been here for three trips. This is his third trip. He was here previously last year and the year before with my wife, who is currently pregnant with our fourth child, so she was unable to attend.

The changes we have noticed in Reese is he has more attention to detail. He is able to put light sentences together. He’s able to say our names. He’s more assured with describing what he wants and tell us what he needs. He’s more alert. So, hence why we are back for the third year. So amazing things have happened and we thank the doctors and the staff here in Panama. Thank you.

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