Treating Autism and Aging with Stem Cell Therapy

Anthony S. shares the life-changing impact Stem Cell Institute Panama’s Golden Cells™ have had on his son, Luciano, and his father in law, Aaron.

Before coming to Panama for stem cell treatment, life for Luciano and his family was incredibly challenging. His autism had left him frustrated, withdrawn, and isolated. He struggled with tantrums, communication barriers, and lacked a sense of security.

But everything changed after they arrived in Panama. Just two days into treatment, Luciano introduced himself to someone at the pool – a momentous milestone for him. Today, Luciano is more secure, verbal, and eager to engage and play. He’s well on his way to seamlessly integrating into society and education.

Anthony also tells the story of Aaron, Luciano’s grandfather, who came to Stem Cell Institute after being diagnosed with kidney failure. Just six months after his first treatment through our frailty of aging protocol, Aaron was off kidney medications, brimming with newfound energy, and embarking on a solo adventure to Cambodia.

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