Tony Robbins Receives Stem Cell Therapy in at Stem Cell Institute in Panama

View this post on Instagram Quick stop at the state-of-the-art Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama 🇵🇦 where I received the transformative benefits of stem cell therapy. (And check out this view! 👀) I’ve shared before that #stemcells worked wonders for my shoulder after struggling with excruciating pain and doctors telling me there [...]

Healing juices’ of stem cells could help treat asthma

Research suggests future use of cells in kidney, heart disease BY BRENT WITTMEIER, EDMONTON JOURNAL DECEMBER 2, 2011 University of Alberta pediatric asthma researcher says that the medical benefits of stem cells may lie in their by-product "healing juices". Dr. Bernard Thébaud believes the by-products of mesenchymal stem cells - found in umbilical cord tissue [...]

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Immune Cells Killing Stem Cells and Stem Cells Killing Immune Cells

Knight et al. J Neurol Sci. Several studies have demonstrated that stem cells are useful in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. The Cellmedicine clinic published previously in collaboration with the University of California San Diego that 3 patients treated with their own fat derived stem cells entered remission. Other studies are ongoing, including a study [...]

AuxoCell Laboratories Licenses Umbilical Cord Tissue Stem Cell Service to PerkinElmer’s ViaCord

Viacord Press Release Cord blood private banking involves storing your own cord blood mononuclear cells in case you need them later. Cord blood public banking involves banking the cells into a public pool so that if others need them, they have access to them. In some ways it seems like cord blood private banking is [...]

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World’s First Chemical Guided Missile Could Be the Answer to Wiping out Cancer

A research team at Deakin University has made a discovery that could have huge implications on the treatment and survival rates of cancer victims. The researchers, along with scientists in India and Australia have created the world’s first RNA aptamer, a chemical antibody that targets cancer stem cell marker epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM). This [...]

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Differences between Stem Cells from the Placenta and Bone Marrow

Fazekasova et al. Mesenchymal stem cells were historically isolated from the bone marrow as an adherent stem cell population capable of “orthodox” differentiation, meaning that they have ability to become bone, cartilage, and fat. Further research revealed that these cells are also capable of “non-orthodox” differentiation, that is, becoming neurons, hepatocytes, insulin producing cells, and [...]

Stem cell therapy benefits patients with chronic heart failure—study

(Neharika Sabharwal) After a heart attack the myocardium (heart muscle) undergoes a period of damage during which cells of the body attempt to heal the injured tissue. This occurs through stem cells found in the heart itself, called cardiac specific stem cells (CSC) as well as bone marrow stem cells which seem to exit the [...]

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Arthritis Patient Successfully Treated With Fat Stem Cells Tells His Story

This procedure has been used successfully to treat thousands of animals suffering from arthritis in the United States ( Recently Dr. Paz published a paper describing scientific mechanisms of this treatment in collaboration with scientists from the University of California San Diego, University of Western Ontario, and Medistem Inc (Ichim et al. Autologous stromal vascular [...]

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Muscular Dystrophy Sufferers Hope New Treatment Can Answer Prayers

Adult stem cell therapy has been used for many diseases including heart failure, liver failure, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and even drug resistant tuberculosis. The biological basis for how stem cell therapy works seems to be two-fold. On the one hand, the stem cells appear to have the ability to become new tissues, on the other [...]

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Stem-cell therapy feels Food and Drug Administration’s pinch

62-year-old Hal Kaye had an injection of his own stem cells into his injured ankle, the results were so astonishing that he no longer needed surgery. The treatment, developed by a Broomfield doctor, has been applied to over 500 patients in the United States, primarily for orthopedic conditions, and involves extraction of bone marrow stem [...]

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