Stem cell treatments for multiple sclerosis: Michell Berry, MLT (ASCP)

Stem Cell Therapy…Real Treatment, Real Hope! “I had just started another round of IV Solumedrol for my multiple sclerosis (MS) on Nov. 10, 2009. I was very upset because this was my 2nd flare-up within only 5 months. I knew my MS was starting to progress more. I was scared, concerned about my 4-year old [...]

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treatable With Stem Cells?

Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center's Institute for Regenerative Medicine may have discovered the key to treating inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Dr. Graca Almeida-Porada and her team of scientists found a specific stem cell population in cord blood that migrates to the intestine and proliferates there. Fetal sheep were injected with the stem cells [...]

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Mesenchymal Stem Cells Stop Arthritis in its Tracks – Duke University

Researchers at Duke University announced a promising new stem cell therapy aimed at osteoarthritis prevention after a joint injury. The probability of developing arthritis after injury (post-traumatic arthritis - PTA) greatly increases after injury. Currently, the US FDA has not approved any drugs that slow or eliminate the progression of PTA. However, at Duke researchers [...]

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Stem cells back from outer space may solve mysterious illnesses of astronauts

Astronauts have a much higher incidence of infections in comparison to humans living under normal gravity. Dr. Millie Hughes-Fulford from the molecular biology department of University of California San Francisco is trying to figure out what may cause this difference. As part of her experiments she has been studying the stem cells that give rise [...]

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Making Blood Cells into Heart Cells

Vojdani et al. Hum Cell. 2011 Mar;24(1):35-42 One of the major debates in the area of stem cell therapy is whether adult stem cells are capable of directly transforming (differentiating) into new tissue, or whether the therapeutic effects of administered stem cells occur because of growth factors produced by the injected stem cells. There are [...]

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First Scientist to identify stem cells dies at 84

Thomas Maugh II, Washington Post Ernest Armstrong McCulloch, 84, passed away January 20 in his hometown of Toronto. Dr. McCulloch, a medical doctor who attended the University of Toronto is best remembered as the first, along with biophysicist James E. Till, to isolate and identify a stem cell. Their discovery was reached while both were [...]

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Therapeutic Effects of Intra-Arterial Delivery of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells in Traumatic Brain Injury of Rats—In Vivo Cell Tracking Study by Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging

Neurosurgery: February 2012 - Volume 70 - Issue 2 - p 435–444 doi: 10.1227/NEU.0b013e318230a795 Research-Animal Osanai, Toshiya MD, PhD*; Kuroda, Satoshi MD, PhD*; Sugiyama, Taku MD, PhD*; Kawabori, Masahito MD*; Ito, Masaki MD*; Shichinohe, Hideo MD, PhD*; Kuge, Yuji PhD‡; Houkin, Kiyohiro MD, PhD*; Tamaki, Nagara MD, PhD‡; Iwasaki, Yoshinobu MD, PhD* Abstract BACKGROUND: A [...]

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