New stem cell study promises to heal the heart

Miami Herald, Fred Tasker University of Miami cardiologist led by Dr. Joshua Hare reported success in a small, preliminary human clinical trial of a new stem cell therapy they hope some day will routinely mend human hearts and reduce the need for lifelong medication, possibly even for transplants. The study was published in the [...]

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Bone Marrow Stem Cells Significantly Improve Cardiac Mortality Rate in Heart Disease Patients

Texas Heart Institute researcher, Emerson Perin MD, PhD revealed that heart patients who were treated with bone marrow-derived adult stem cells died at a significantly lower rate that those who did not receive stem cells. Dr. Perin's scientific findings represent yet another positive step in the ongoing fight against heart disease. Dr. Perin is the [...]

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Medistem and Licensee ERCell Receive Russian Regulatory Approval for the RECOVER-ERC Trial

The clinical trial, Non-Revascularizable IschEmic Cardiomyopathy treated with Retrograde COronary Sinus Venous DElivery of Cell TheRapy (RECOVER-ERC), is being led by Principle Investigator Dr. Leo Bockeria, Chairman of the Backulev Center The Backulev Center is Russia's premier institute for cardiovascular surgery and cardiology. Every year the Backulev Center performs approximately 30,000 diagnostic and treatment [...]

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Excerpts from Interview with Dr. Amit Patel, Director of Regenerative Medicine, University of Utah by Thomas Ichim, Ph.D, CEO of Medistem Inc Ichim: Which one was the first stem cell trial for cardiac conditions? Patel: It is like one of those questions like who did the first heart operation. There is a lot of debate as to what was the first to use cells plus therapy and there have been a number of trials. Myoblasts were [...]

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PRECISE: Adipose-derived stem cells show utility as therapy

Cardiology Today PRECISE is The Randomized Clinical Trial of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells in Treatment of Non Revascularizable Ischemic Myocardium, a double blind, placebo-controlled trial involving 27 patients with chronic ischemic heart disease with HF, angina or both, who were not eligible for percutaneous or surgical revascularization. The patients in the study underwent a liposuction to [...]

Scientists look to stem cells to mend broken hearts

Cardiac medicine has traditionally been associated with innovative procedures that sometimes where considered heretical to the present day dogma. For example, the first heart transplant, the use of the balloon catheter, the introduction of thrombolytics, all met substantial resistance from the “establishment” in their time. It appears that the next revolution in cardiac medicine is [...]

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Stem Cell Institute in Panama Collaborates on New Method of Treating Diabetes-Associated Heart Disease

Zhang et al. Journal of Translational Medicine Diabetes is associated with numerous “secondary complications” including premature heart disease, renal failure, critical limb ischemia (an advanced form of peripheral artery disease) and diabetic retinopathy. One of the common features of these secondary complications is that they are all associated with low levels of circulating endothelial progenitor [...]

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