Stem Cells for Osteoarthritis: James’s Story

James giving testimonial about stem cell treatment

Osteoarthritis can be a life-changing diagnosis, especially if you enjoy an active lifestyle. What used to be routine, daily activities become more painful, forcing you to watch life from the sidelines. Fortunately, stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis may be able to help. In this blog, we meet James whose lifestyle has been restored thanks to stem cell therapy in Panama.


James had been struggling with knee problems due to osteoarthritis for a long time. Unfortunately, the symptoms had grown worse with age. This led him to learn about stem cell therapy. After researching efficacy and clinics, he decided to come to Stem Cell Institute Panama for treatment. At 73, he’s back to the active lifestyle he loves and has every intention of continuing.


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James’s Search for a Solution

James had dealt with bad knees since playing sports when he was young. However, having bad knees as a 73-year-old lawyer was a completely different story. 


James was regularly experiencing:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Restriction of motion
  • Difficulty doing various physical activities


He knew he had to do something as his knees became worse. However, he wanted to avoid drastic solutions such as knee surgery. He would find his solution when his wife listened to a health podcast. She told James that they were discussing stem cells and the benefits they may offer.


As an attorney, James enjoys reading and gathering information. He applied his legal research training to stem cells and eventually learned about Stem Cell Institute in Panama. Founded by Neil Riordan, PA, Ph.D., our clinic’s use of his signature Golden Cells™ helps to maximize the probability of successful outcomes for our patients. 


“It seemed to be what I was looking for, so that’s why I came here.”


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James’s Experience at Stem Cell Institute in Panama

Coming to Panama was a brand-new experience for James. “I had never been to Panama before and I found it very interesting. The people are very warm and nice. That was the thing I enjoyed most about Panama.”

James interacting with Stem Cell Institute team member


He also enjoyed interacting with our medical and administrative staff. When discussing his doctor, he said, “He is a nice guy and I liked him. He’s very attentive and concerned. I also like his nurse. Everybody at the clinic was very nice and you could tell that they cared and were trying to help. They were also very professional. It was just like being back in the States.”


James’s osteoarthritis protocol consisted of stem cell injections into his knees as well as via multiple IVs. This occurred over the course of three days. Since our clinic is located in the same building as the Hilton Panama, he was able to conveniently go back to his room for rest between treatments.


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James’s Life Since Stem Cell Therapy in Panama

James experienced very little downtime following his stem cell treatments. “As soon as I finished the treatments,” he said, “within 24 hours, I was fine and I was able to fly back to the States.” 


James especially appreciated being able to get back into biking. “I was doing 20 miles a day, three days a week. That’s putting a lot of stress on your knees and I didn’t have any problems at all. I was also weightlifting at least twice a week and I didn’t notice anybody that was 73 in the gym other than me.”


James would definitely consider his stem cell therapy a success. “I didn’t really have the aches and pains as I’d had before the treatment,” he explains. “My lifestyle was greatly helped by doing this.”


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Knee pain, swelling, and restriction of motion from osteoarthritis can make a major impact on your life. For James, what had been old sports injuries were taking an increasing toll on his well-being. That was until he heard about stem cell therapy and Stem Cell Institute in Panama. Since his treatment, he is now back to the active lifestyle he loves and plans on keeping for years to come.


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