Stem Cell Treatments for Sports Injuries

stem cell treatment

Sports injuries and orthopedic conditions are frustrating setbacks for any athlete. The traditional method of treating these injuries in the United States typically resorts to medicine for pain management, physical therapy, or even surgical treatment—all of which can affect your long-term performance in negative ways. 


Stem cell treatments to treat sports injuries are an increasingly popular alternative for athletes looking to ‘get back into the game.’ At Stem Cell Institute, we offer stem cell therapies that have the potential to speed up the healing process, and even avoid or delay orthopedic surgery. Many of our patients have seen positive results that contribute to their ability to get back to their optimal physical performance.


Stem Cell Treatments in Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine


Regenerative medicine refers to any therapy that leverages a body’s own ability to heal itself, including tissue regeneration. This alternative medicine is especially popular among professional athletes and other celebrities. The results from regenerative medicine for orthopedic conditions or sports injuries can lead to a faster recovery for athletes who depend on their physical capabilities for the success of their career.


Some institutes offering orthopedic treatments in the United States use types of regenerative medicine, but not to the same extent as other countries. In fact, some of these treatments in the U.S. still involve surgery and long recovery periods. In Panama City, Panama, Stem Cell Institute is able to provide advanced stem cell therapy to patients in need.


Stem Cell Institute’s clinic in Panama City, Panama, is a popular destination for professional athletes, like pro-football athletes and mixed martial artists. Our team of medical professionals work with each approved patient to determine a unique course of treatment for the injured areas of their body.


How is Stem Cell Therapy Used for Sports Injuries?


When stem cell therapy is used for sports injuries, it’s the results of years of scientific research and studies. Clinical trials have concluded that types of cells like the Golden Cells™ we use at Stem Cell Institute, are capable of healing, reducing inflammation, and promoting tissue growth. 


Our Golden Cells™ have proven to offer the best chance for a better life through stem cell therapy for our patients. Years-long retrospective analysis of patient outcomes has enabled us to identify and select the best cells for use in anyone who comes to our clinic for stem cell therapy treatment.


What tissue injuries can stem cell therapy treat?

  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Muscles
  • Cartilage


Stem cell therapy using our Golden Cells™ can potentially repair damaged tissue from sports injuries. Due to regulatory roadblocks, sports medicine in the United States has not caught up to the many alternatives the rest of the world is able to offer through stem cell injections and treatments.


What are the advantages of treating sports injuries with umbilical cord tissue-derived stem cells?


In partnership with Dr. Neil Riordan’s lab, MediStem Panama, Stem Cell Institute offers a simple and straightforward treatment process for our patients. There are several advantages to treating sports related injuries using our stem cells, including:


  • There is no need to collect the cells derived from bone marrow or fat from your own body. We produce and screen our stem cells in Dr. Riordan’s lab, Medistem Panama, so that we only offer the very best cells to our patients. Umbilical cord tissue also provides an abundant supply of mesenchymal stem cells compared to other options.
  • There is a growing body of evidence showing that umbilical cord tissue-derived (HUCT) mesenchymal stem cells are more robust than mesenchymal stem cells from other sources.
  • There is no need to administer chemotherapy drugs to stimulate the bone marrow to produce granulocytes and stem cells and release them into the bloodstream.
  • Since HUCT mesenchymal stem cells are immune system privileged, cell rejection is not an issue and Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) matching is not necessary.
  • Allogeneic stem cells can be administered multiple times over the course of several days in uniform dosages that contain high cell counts.


UFC Champion TJ Dillashaw’s Stem Cell Treatment


Ultimate Fighting Champion TJ Dillashaw is an American professional mixed-martial artist and former two-time UFC Bantamweight Champion. His entire livelihood is driven by his physical capabilities and performance. At the same time, his profession constantly poses the risk of serious injuries that could end his career.


stem cell treatment

Prior to TJ’s first visit to Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama, he was told he needed shoulder surgery, but he couldn’t afford to take the time off that recovery from surgery would require. Because of this, he continued to fight with two blown shoulders. TJ started looking for alternative treatment that would heal his damaged tissue without requiring a drawn out recovery process. 


In TJ’s search for the right treatment for his injuries, he discovered stem cells. After he decided to pursue stem cell therapy, he looked up who the best in the business was and kept coming back to Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama, over and over again.


“I felt that stem cells, and healing my body from the inside out was the best way of [recovering].”

TJ Dillashaw, Sports Injuries


Healing his injured shoulders weren’t the only benefits TJ saw from his stem cell therapy. One of the first things he noticed was more energy and mental clarity. He claims it was almost immediate that he found a renewed “sharpness” in how he interacted with the world. Stem cell therapy also eradicated arthritis in his wrist and hand from a previous stress fracture. “There are a lot of things I wasn’t coming [to get stem cell therapy] for that I’ve benefited from,” says TJ.


Watch TJ’s full story:



Apply for Stem Cell Treatment for a Sports Injury


If you’re looking to heal a sports-related injury or even just improve your physical health so you can continue to stay active, we’re here to help. Stem cell treatment could be your first step toward recovery. 


Whether you’re wanting to win a UFC championship or simply get back to your normal workout routine, stem cell treatment can provide you with the opportunity for a healthier life. Apply for stem cell treatment at Stem Cell Institute today!

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