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Stem cell therapy for autism: James Wagner

My son James developed severe autistic symptomatology one month prior to his sixth birthday. The anguish and pain we felt as our family watched him disappear into the abyss of thoughtlessness is indescribable. All of the Physicians agreed that his regression was an autoimmune phenomenon. They counseled us on accepting James’ circumstance. We accepted what had happened however we never lost hope.

One evening we received a call from Dr. Lowe a physician that treated James. He said that “James needs to go to Panama and have adult stem cell therapy from the Stem Cell Institute.” We were extremely nervous going to a non US medical facility. We mustered up all of the courage we had and took James to Panama.

The initial round of stem cells significantly improved my son’s cognitive skills.

Once in Panama we were put at ease as the facilities were no different than those found in the finest United States hospitals. The initial round of stem cells significantly improved my son’s cognitive skills. Globally, his engagement and language production show marked improvement. Each day we see many subtle improvements like consistently smiling for pictures, allowing his sibling to blow out her birthday candles or understanding that Sunday comes before Monday.

We are going to bring James back to Panama and are extremely optimistic that he will continue on his current trajectory. It is truly remarkable that such a promising therapeutic intervention is not more widely available. We are extremely grateful to the Stem Cell Institute for transforming our hope into reality.

– Richard Wagner

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