Stem cell treatment doing wonders for autistic boy

A year ago, 9-year-old Kenneth Kelley couldn’t read. Prior to the age of 7, Kenneth couldn’t even talk. He was diagnosed with autism at an early age. Now his parents say he reads all the time. “It’s amazing,” says Marty Kelley, Kenneth’s mother, “he was no where near that even in December. He just started a little bit a month ago. He picked up the books and started reading.”

Kenneth received stem cell therapy for autism at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama.

His parents say his sentence structure has improved and he’s more aware of his surroundings. He even remembers birthdays, days of the week and he can tell time. “We’ve just been waiting for the new things and the gains to stop coming and they’re not stopping. They’re coming every day,” says Marty Kelley.

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