Stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy: Tessa Hancock

The biggest thing we’ve noticed is her ability to track people and her vision. Her cognitive skills have improved. Before her stem cell treatment 7 months ago, she was like a 50 watt light bulb and she is like a 200 watts in comparison. She reacts more, holds her head up more and her hands are nice and open now, not fisted like before. Hand to mouth motion is much easier for her to do. Her range of motion, in general, is much better. She can now raise her hands over her head and she was never able to do that before.

Her therapists have seen dramatic changes. Our family has noticed changes. The neurologist has noticed changes. We are very thankful that we were able to get this treatment for her in Panama. We couldn’t imagine her not being who she is now. She is 200 times better than what she was.

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