Stem Cell Therapy for Autism – The Wonderful Story of Meadow and Summer

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The Twins, Meadow and Summer were born in May 2014 and are Now five years old. They were both diagnosed non-verbal Autistic, Meadow having more issues than that of her older Twin Sister Summer.

Pre Stem Cell Treatment

Meadow had severe learning difficulties in addition to her non-verbal Autistic diagnosis. She suffered severe melt downs two to three times daily triggered off by the slightest thing, simply being tired, taking her shoes off and nappy changing are but a few. Meadow would often become aggressive during these meltdowns and would self-harm, pulling at her face and torso, slamming her heels into the ground or slapping her feet together, we have previously taken Meadow to ER following injuries she had inflicted to her feet. Meadows aggressive behaviour left us parents bruised and bitten on occasions, it was especially hard for my wife to cope with on her own, Meadow was very strong and hard to control even at 4 years old.

In addition to meltdowns, Meadow is very hyperactive, runs around on her toes and had virtually no attention span at all. Meadow would pull off her nappy and play with the contents, she would also make herself sick throughout the day and night, this was all part of her sensory issues and need for attention. Meadow could not understand our moods whether we were happy or angry, she never noticed her sister and rarely had anything to do with her. At her new school she was introduced to sign language, sign-along. She could not form any of the signs physically at all let alone understand them.

Life at home was incredibly hard for my wife and I with Meadow, we had very little sleep and no family support or friends to help us, our friends became distant and our family had either passed on or lived too far away.

“The most wonderful thing for us parents is watching Meadow and Summer playing with each other as sisters for the first time. They wait for each other in the mornings at the bottom of our stairs and scream and shout running around the house for the best part of the day laughing, they even argue with each other, it’s all quite amazing to watch.”

Summer is the younger Twin, she has her own issues, however in comparison to her sister Meadow, Summer was easier to manage. Summer stimmed a great deal and could only manage one word, NO!.

Summer found it hard to go outside when the weather was bad, she was uncomfortable with walking on soft ground like shingle or woodland areas. Summer would simply refuse to walk if these situations were presented.

Summer had better attention span but found it hard to share anything with anyone. Summer would melt-down when told No, or if you were to refuse her something of interest, she would also lose control if you were to take something away from her.

Summer did not play with Meadow at all, or show any sisterly or Twin bond, she did not have much of an imagination and played with toys inappropriately.

Both Twins were very happy despite all their issues, they had just started ABA at the local Special needs School Treetops, two – three weeks prior to Stem Cells. Treetops is an amazing school, we are very lucky to have found them both a place, we fought very hard to achieve this, which is another story…. .

Following Panama Stem Cell Treatment

In the first week of October 2018 just a year to date both Meadow and Summer are different Children.

Meadow and Summer came back from Panama. The first week home they were so hyper active we were worried and contacted the Clinic concerned for advice, the centre explained it was quite normal and after a couple more days the Twins settled.

The results were amazing following.

Meadow had no more meltdowns and stopped all self-harming to this day, she has had a tantrum but nothing more than expected from a 4 year old. She slept through the night for the first time and hardly ever wakes during the night today. Meadow wore Glasses which had been prescribed at Moorfields in London, a renowned eye hospital in the Capital London, her eyes unexplainably improved, she needed a new prescription, Moorefield’s were confused as she had undergone three examinations prior. Meadow won an award at her Special needs school for the most improved student, mastering all her signs, understanding a few and most importantly she managed to focus and increase her attention span. Meadow could walk to assembly, sit patiently and take instruction, all within two months to three months. Meadow was reported to be for the first time at her Sunshine day centre, aware of her surroundings and other children around her.

Meadow has improved throughout the year and smashed her school targets, we couldn’t be happier as parents we are so proud of her and so thankful to the stem cell institute in Panama for making this possible and our school for pushing Meadow to achieve what we thought was impossible in just a year.

Summer has developed further on her one vocal word ’NO ’, she can count to twenty, she sings nursery rhymes, she speaks in sentences, she uses phrases in context, i.e. when Summer tripped she said ‘oh that was close mummy’. Summer won the award at Treetops Special needs school for the best improved pupil in the whole school 2018. Summer was nappy trained in just Two weeks and has made a friend at School called Jackson. Summer likes to dress up and now plays with Toys appropriately. Summer loves being outside and loves the woods especially.

Summer has done so well, the school is transitioning her from ABA 1-1 tutoring, to moderate learning in a group which is amazing progress. Summer is quite amazing and the school has mentioned that she is quite special and has come so far in just a year.

For Us

The most wonderful thing for us parents is watching Meadow and Summer playing with each other as sisters for the first time. They wait for each other in the mornings at the bottom of our stairs and scream and shout running around the house for the best part of the day laughing, they even argue with each other, it’s all quite amazing to watch.

-Jade and John Lockey

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