Stem Cell Institute (Cellmedicine) Successfully Treats Spinal Cord Injury Patient with Adult Stem Cells

Peer-Reviewed Joint Publication between Stem Cell Clinic and American Researchers

Panama City, Panama – The Stem Cell Institute ( reported today recovery of a spinal cord injury patient that was treated with a unique combination stem cell treatment. The patient suffered a crush fracture of the L1 vertebral body on May 13th, 2008 after a single propeller engine airplane crash. As a result of the crash, the patient had severe neuropathic pain, loss of sexual and bladder function, as well as loss of sensation in the legs.

He was treated on Oct 31-Nov 20, 2008, Jan 21-30, 2009, and July 1-10, 2009 with an adult stem cell protocol. The patient underwent a progressive recovery of sensation, mobility, and sexual and bladder function subsequent to stem cell administration. Currently the patient is capable of walking and neuropathic pain diminished substantially.

“The doctors at the Stem Cell Institute have changed my life. After the accident there was no hope. Now I have a new lease on life.” Said Juan Carlos Murillo Rodriguez, the patient who was treated. “I have recently passed my physical and am flying again as a commercial pilot.”

Details of the scientific rationale for the treatment, as well as protocols and outcomes may be found in the peer-reviewed paper “Feasibility of combination allogeneic stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury: a case report” which was published in the International Archives of Medicine and is available online at

“It is my honor that such a team of internationally recognized opinion leaders in the area of stem cells such as Drs. Amit Patel, Michael Murphy and Thomas Ichim have co-authored this publication.” Said Dr. Jorge Paz Rodriguez, Medical Director of the Stem Cell Institute and co-author of the publication. “By combining our clinical experience with cutting-edge advances in molecular and cellular biology, we believe we have put forth a very innovative protocol that we anticipate will be attempted by other groups.

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