Cord Blood America Begins a Media Campaign via Social Networking Websites

One of the leaders in the growing field of the cryopreservation and banking of umbilical cord blood stem cells, Cord Blood America, is now poised to become a leader in the use of social networking websites. Realizing that the recent explosion in the popularity of such sites heralds the dawn of a new era of change and opportunity, not only in technology but also in business, Cord Blood America has announced its plans to seize such an opportunity. From now on, clients, shareholders and investors, both current and prospective, will be actively engaged with all the latest developments at Cord Blood America through social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed, among others. Cord Blood America intends to use the social networking sites to develop relationships and to build networks as well as to answer questions regarding their business and the basic science of stem cells.

In a statement issued by Cord Blood America, founding CEO Matthew Schissler offered the following invitation: “It’s time to start the conversation. The word ‘stem cells’ invokes many thoughts, yet we have found that the vast majority of the population still does not know what they are, where they come from or how they dramatically impact almost all aspects of life as we know it. To most, ‘stem cells’ is a scientific term that has no direct impact on the individual. It’s our belief that most people want to understand in a practical fashion how stem cells affect their family directly. This is the purpose of the social media, to deliver in a user-friendly fashion practical information about stem cells. We intend to look at the issue from multiple angles, including medically from the eyes of the patients and health care practitioners, fundamentally from the scientists, economically from the investor and business perspective, and socially from a public policy perspective. Social media is growing explosively and this trend, according to all authorities, is going to continue. We believe that building a network of clients and investors in two-way communication via social media will establish ourselves and our business as market leaders of the future. We invite you to join us in the conversation at the outlets previously mentioned. Additionally we have set up a social media newsroom at We will leverage this newsroom and Intelligendo to further our relationship and network building efforts.”

Cord Blood America is the parent company of CorCell, an umbilical cord blood adult stem cell preservation company that services expectant parents and their children.

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