Regina man returns from Panama after stem cell treatment

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Glen Nelson says procedure appears to be working
By Eric Anderson, CBC News Posted: Nov 05, 2014

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Glenn Nelson Working Out
Glen Nelson works out five times a week at the YMCA in north Regina
With every bicep curl and chest press, Glen Nelson pushes himself closer to his goal of walking again.

The former University of Regina basketball star was paralyzed last November after undergoing back surgery.

In September, Nelson travelled to Panama to receive stem cell treatments. In four weeks, he received more than 520 million stem cells.

“I really realized this was my only chance to get healthy. I had to go in there positive and wanting to fight everyday. By the end of the four weeks, I was totally exhausted mentally and physically,” Nelson said.

Since undergoing the treatments, Nelson has felt pain in his lower back. However, his doctors tell him that is a good sign. The stem cells are designed to create new nerve pathways in his spinal chord.

As his body tries to heal itself, Nelson continues to stay in shape. He works out at the YMCA five days a week.

“The weights help alleviate some of the pain and get me through the day. It also helps get my aggression out. This is the toughest challenge I’ve ever had, so I’ve got to be quite focused on it.”

Regina’s basketball community is coming together this weekend to help raise money for Nelson’s Panama expenses. On Friday night, there is a cabaret at The Lazy Owl on the University of Regina campus. Tickets are 20 dollars.

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