Paraplegic Woman Travels Abroad for Stem Cell Treatment

She just wants to be free. Kim is traveling to China with the anticipation that stem cell injections will give her legs back to her; and replace her wheelchair with a walker, while restoring her life back to normal.

Her friend Cheryl recently came back from China with regained mobility, and inspired the 32-year-old Kim to follow the same path.

Cheryl says that the stem cells she received have enhanced her mobility and given her more energy. She had to travel to China, after she broke her back from falling off a horse because the treatment is not available in North America.

“I know Cheryl and when she came back showing feeling and movement I thought she was so lucky, so I got the information from her,” said Kim.

“I welcome any little bit of recovery.”

When the driver of a car Kim was riding in fell asleep in 2003, they crashed into another vehicle. Thankfully, her children only suffered minor injuries; but Kim, she broke her pelvis, shoulder, neck, and her back.

Three months after the accident she was finally able to wiggle a toe. This was after doctors had informed her that she would be completely paraplegic.

“I felt if I could do that then what else can I do,” said Kim. With the help of insurance money from the accident, she is spending $20,000 for the treatments in China.

“I would mortgage my house to get more sensation.”

The month long treatments will being next week when Kim leaves for China.

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