Dementia Reversed with Stem Cells

By restoring the decaying brain cells of a 65-year-old to the levels of an 18-year-old, Australian scientists believe they have cracked the code to preventing dementia.

Dementia is a group of degenerative brain disorders that includes Alzheimer’s disease. More than 200,000 Australians suffer from these conditions, but new hope may be on the way in the form of breakthroughs which were presented to pharmaceutical chiefs at a closed event last week.

Facilitating the boost of mental functions such as understanding and memory, the scientists have developed two ways to stimulate stem cells and regenerate the brain.

Increasing the number of stem cells in young and middle-aged brains could help stave off dementia according to leading stem cell scientist Dr. Rod Rietze and his team at the University of Queensland.

“The idea is not to transplant anything

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