Massive Internal Stem Cell Education Program Launched

A monumental statewide education program that includes over 500,000 Catholic

homes and nearly 800 parishes has been launched by the state’s diocesan bishops in Michigan. The Michigan Catholic Conference’s efforts are directed at communicating the Church’s teaching on human life as it relates to

adult and embryonic stem cell research.

Paul A. Long, who is the Conference’s Vice President for Public Policy, said that the central messages of the internal education program focuses on the church’s support for adult stem cell research. And their opposition towards embryonic stem cell research is based on the fact it compromises their message.

“Medical science, along with people from different faith and

political backgrounds, has recognized that human cloning and the

destruction of living embryos for research purposes may not be the most

promising way to move forward with stem cell research. Yet because of the

great deal of attention given to unproven embryo destructive research,

partly through misinformation and even deceit, necessary funding for and

the promotion of adult stem cell research have been nearly non-existent.

Many people are unaware that adult stem cells are located throughout the

human body and are providing treatments, even cures, without harming the

donor person,” said Long.

Every registered Catholic home in the state has been sent a 12-minute DVD and a brochure that all emphasize the Church’s support for adult stem cell research along with a letter signed jointly by the state’s diocesan bishops. The materials align with the Conference’s internal education program which has been themed,

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