Sparking Hope for Healing in Miami: Stem Cell Therapy Seminar Recap

Sparking Hope for Healing in Miami: Stem Cell Therapy Seminar Recap

We are so grateful for everyone who made our recent stem cell therapy seminar in Miami, FL a success. We loved seeing you all and hearing how stem cell therapy has impacted your lives. From current patients to those who may be learning about Stem Cell Institute for the first time, it was an honor to spend the afternoon together.


Event Highlights

On Saturday, February 3, attendees of our Miami seminar heard captivating and informative presentations from special guests Roberta Shapiro, DO FAAPM&R, Jorge Paz-Rodriguez, MD, and Tejas V. Ozarker, MD. All three doctors explored the science behind stem cell therapy, the potential benefits for particular injuries and conditions, and touched on the future of stem cells.


A big part of Saturday’s event included our host Cesalina Gracie and Stem Cell Institute’s founder, Neil Riordan, PA, PhD. Cesalina introduced the day’s events and each speaker, even taking time to share her own experience with stem cell therapy and its impact on her and her family’s life. 


Dr. Riordan opened the event honoring one of our most distinguished patients, Arnold Caplan, PhD, also lovingly known as the Father of Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Dr. Caplan’s work had a large influence on Dr. Riordan, and he was one of his greatest mentors. Dr. Caplan authored over 400 papers and held 20 patents in his career. His work has shaped countless lives, including our own patients at Stem Cell Institute. 


Our Speakers

Each speaker we chose for our event in Miami has personally contributed to the pioneering of new developments in stem cell therapy, whether it be in the U.S. or at Stem cell Institute in Panama. The audience loved hearing from each of them, and even had the opportunity to ask questions to each speaker, Dr. Riordan, and our clinic’s dedicated team of doctors and staff after the event concluded.


Dr. Neil Riordan talking to attendees at Stem Cell Institute's Miami seminar

Dr. Neil Riordan 

Neil Riordan, PA, PhD is one of the early pioneers and experts in applied stem cell research. Dr. Riordan is founder, chairman and chief science officer of Stem Cell Institute in Panama, which specializes in the treatment of human diseases and conditions using Golden Cells™. Dr. Riordan is also an established author and inventor. Together with leading universities, he has published numerous papers in peer reviewed medical journals and has 17 families of patent applications.


Dr. Tejas Ozarkar presenting at Stem Cell Institute's Miami seminar

Dr. Tejas Ozarkar

Serving as the medical director at Riordan Medical Institute (RMI) in Southlake, TX, Dr. Ozarkar is a double board-certified physician in pain management and physical medicine/rehabilitation, having received his training from Ivy League institutions. He possesses extensive expertise in addressing the needs of patients dealing with issues such as neck, back, and joint pain.


Dr. Jorge Paz-Rodriguez presenting at Stem Cell Institute's Miami seminar

Dr. Jorge Paz-Rodriguez

In his roles as a board member, medical director, and founder of Stem Cell Institute, Dr. Paz guides a team of seasoned physicians dedicated to enhancing the lives of patients through stem cell therapy. Additionally, he serves as the director of Wellmed Clinic in Panama and previously held the position of director at Wellmed Clinic in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Paz completed his medical training in internal medicine at Lincoln Hospital in New York City and holds board certification in internal medicine.


Dr. Roberta Shapiro presenting at Stem Cell Institute's Miami seminar

Dr. Roberta Shapiro

Dr. Shapiro serves as an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center. She also operates a private practice for physical medicine and rehabilitation in New York City and Miami. There, she focuses on the treatment of acute and chronic pain disorders.


Cesalina Gracie hosting Stem Cell Institute's Miami seminar

Cesalina Gracie (Host)

Cesalina Gracie is a female empowerment entrepreneur, athlete (teacher), and TV presenter. Cesalina owns a school of empowerment in Los Angeles and uses the art and philosophy of jiu-jitsu to help girls and women discover their own inner champion. On May 22nd, 2023 Cesalina made history after being the 8th Brazilian woman to summit Mount Everest. As a passionate advocate of health and wellness, she hosted our event and shared her personal story of how Stem Cell Institute impacted her family.


Q&A with Dr. Neil Riordan

At the end of the seminar, Cesalina sat down to do an intimate interview with Dr. Riordan. Together they answered questions that had been submitted by attendees prior to the event. This included topics like quality of stem cells, the founding of Stem Cell Institute, what autoimmune diseases may receive the best benefit from stem cell therapy, and more!

Q&A with Dr. Riordan and Cesalina Gracie


Overall, everyone had a fantastic time learning more about stem cell therapy and its potential benefits. Thank you to everyone who attended, asked our team insightful questions, and supported the options we provide to patients all across the world. We look forward to connecting with more of you at similar events in the future!


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