Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy “Golden Cells” for Frailty of Aging – John Avanzini

86-year-old John Avanzini talks about improvements in his health after undergoing stem cell therapy at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama.


I’m John Avanzini. I’m here with Stem Cell Institute and I’m here to tell you what a change it’s made in my life. I had such a problem with the neuropathy in my feet. It was really terrible in the morning getting started walking but even after my first session, I was able to walk to the bathroom without discomfort.

I’ve also seen a tremendous tightening of my skin. I’ve got skin like a young person again. I’m 86 years old just a couple of days ago. Feeling wonderful. Traveling the world, and now I do have a problem with my kidneys, but creatinine is under control and moving forward, I believe I’m going to have a complete healing myself.

I look forward to the next time I’m here, which I’m scheduling now for my third time. I’m scheduled to be here just six months from today. And at that time, as usual, they’ll be meeting me at the airport. They’ll be escorting me quickly to my room. I’m staying in the best hotel in the city – very beautiful room. And the doctors and nurses here, first class.

And I really look forward to my next visit here, and maybe I’ll meet you here next time!

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