Male-Pattern Baldness Found Rooted in Stem Cells

Amanda Chan, MyHealthNewsDaily Staff Writer

A new discovery regarding the presence of stem cells in males with androgenetic alopecia (male-pattern baldness) has led to hope that the disease may be treatable. It was previously believed that people who suffered from baldness also had a depleted number of hair follicle stem cells, meaning that new hair growth would not be possible. However, this new discovery has shown that the number of stem cells present in bald areas and non-bald areas is equal; the difference is a depleted number of hair follicle progenitor cells.

The implication for this discovery are if scientists are able to coax the present stem cells into developing into hair follicle progenitor cells, they would be able to regrow hair. The only FDA approved baldness treatments; Rogaine and Propecia do not have the ability to regrow cells. Propecia works by inhibiting testosterone’s effect on hair follicles, disrupting its ability to decrease the size of hair follicles.

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