Stem cell therapy for autism: Kenneth Kelley TV News Story

July 2012 — Update from Marty Kelley on her son Ken’s progress following stem cell therapy for autism at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama.

“Ken has gone to summer camp (overnight) for the week! He was so excited to go! Ken claims that he is no longer scared of the dark and can handle summer camp…It feels very strange to not have him home this week. He is having such a good time.

This is a major event in our lives. If you understand the type of autism Ken had, you would know what a miracle this is. To clarify, Ken is at camp on his own without any support or an aide–he is just like all the other campers. Pray for the families that are still struggling and cannot do this with their children. Stem cells have changed our lives.” — Marty Kelley (Ken’s mother)

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