Stem cell therapy for autism: Juliana Ubinas

Juliana discussed the improvements her daughter has made over the past year and a half after undergoing 2 stem cell clinical protocols at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama.

“The changes have been extremely positive and obvious. After my daughter’s first treatment in January 2010, her tantrums diminished. She could transition from one activity to another without throwing a tantrum. She had more self-control. After the second treatment in June 2010, she was in contact more with her surroundings; as if a veil had been lifted. She was surprised, happy and wanting to be with her friends. Her social interaction improved. Before, she was very isolated. After she returned to school following her second treatment, she was able to do “show and tell” for the first time ever. Now she welcomes other children and wants to be part of the group. Her speech is improving. Now she can express to others what she wants.”

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