How Stem Cells Helped Jackson – Treating Autism with Golden Cells™

Eileen and Thomas open up about their incredible journey with their son, Jackson, who faces the challenges of autism and speech apraxia. For years, they tirelessly explored various treatments, but it felt like an uphill battle with no breakthroughs in sight. Everything changed six months after they decided to try stem cell therapy at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama.

After treatment, his teachers noticed that he started slowing down and absorbing the information presented to him.

Not only did he meet all of his academic goals, but his goals actually had to be updated to match his progress. Determined to further enhance Jackson’s communication skills, Eileen and Thomas decided to give speech therapy another shot, even after years of disappointment.

This time, something extraordinary happened – Jackson began to utter his first words. Witnessing their son speak for the first time and being able to use language to articulate his needs has helped the whole family, as it allows them to provide him with more effective care and attention.

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