Golden Cells™ Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Autism – Mason F.

Mason’s parents discuss his impressive gains a year after receiving stem cells at Stem Cell Institute in Panama.

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Video Transcript:

Mrs. Foster – This is Mason Foster. He is eleven years old, diagnosed with autism at the age of five.  But we know he’s had it his whole life.  Our first time here was last April 2021 and the benefits that we got from stem cells has been amazing.  He was also diagnosed with epilepsy.  He no longer has any signs of seizure activity.  We just had an EEG done and we have taken him off his medications.

Mr. Foster – He was not toilet trained.

Mrs. Foster – He’s now potty trained.  No [unintelligible] at night.

Mr. Foster – He can sit through baseball games.  He can sit through plays, movies, which he could not do before stem cells.

Mrs. Foster – Definitely could not do before stem cells.

Mr. Foster – He’s more aware.  His speech is improving.

Mrs. Foster – Asking questions about movies that he’s watching, which we are totally impressed with.

Mr. Foster – He never did that before.

Mrs. Foster – He never noticed things that were going on in the actual shows that he was watching.  Now he’s asking questions, “I he ok?”

Mr. Foster – He’s more empathetic and caring.  He’s…

Mrs. Foster – His reading at school has gone through the roof.  He’s gone from kindergarten level reading up to third grade level reading

Mr. Foster – In a year.

Mrs. Foster – Less than a year.

Mason – What’s that other girl’s name at the desk?

Mr. and Mrs. Foster – Melissa

Mason – And the other girl? And the other stem cells at the desk?

Mrs. Foster – Okay.

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