Neil Riordan, PhD, Shows Video of Dividing UCB-Derived MSCs

*This blog has been updated since its original publication on 10/16/2019

Stem cell therapy is one of the leading treatments in regenerative medicine. Recently, our founder and board chairman, Neil Riordan, PA, Ph.D., shared a time-lapse video of stem cells splitting to be used in treatments.

Viewers can watch as stem cells divide in Dr. Neil Riordan’s video.  While in black and white, this is actually a time-lapse video of one of regenerative medicine’s greatest advancements. Our stem cells provide benefits that other types don’t, making them ideal for treatments. We exclusively use Golden Cells™ to provide the best possible results.

Neil Riordan Shows Video of Dividing UCB-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells

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Dr. Neil Riordan recently shared a tweet showing a time-lapsed video of stem cells. In this video, viewers can watch as umbilical cord blood-derived (UCB-derived) mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) divide under a microscope. artistic rendering of stem cells in blue on a black background

UCB-derived MSCs are a critical part of Neil Riordan’s and, by extension, our work at Stem Cell Institute. Dr. Riordan was the first person to publish a scientific article about treating humans with fat-derived (adipose) stem cells. However, UCB-derived MSCs provided more key benefits than fat-derived or bone marrow stem cells. 

One of their biggest benefits is that they don’t run the risk of being rejected by the body like other types of stem cells. They are also known for helping the body:

  • Regulate the immune system
  • Regenerate body tissue
  • Reduce inflammation


UBC-derived MSCs also have the special ability to “talk” to the surrounding cells and tissues, earning them the moniker “medicinal signaling cells.” This has also made them the perfect basis for our Golden Cells™.


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hand in a blue rubber glove holding a petri dish containing stem cellsGolden Cells™

Under the leadership of Dr. Neil Riordan, Stem Cell Institute has been at the cutting edge of stem cell research for over 15 years. Research in bone marrow and adipose stem cells eventually led him to his greatest innovation to date: Golden Cells™.

Our team noticed that some patients had exponentially better results than others. To learn why there was such a noticeable difference, we conducted a nearly three-year retrospective analysis. 


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Over time, we discovered that our high-performing patients underwent treatments that were limited almost exclusively to six specific cell lines. We set out to put these lines to the test, eventually learning that they had a noticeably different molecular structure than other lines. Since then, these Golden Cells™ have become the cornerstone of our treatment protocols.


Dr. Neil Riordan explains it this way:

This is the first time in history that anyone has been able to retrospectively analyze which MSCs have more benefit. I like to say that an MSC is not an MSC. They are not all created equal. If you are picking a basketball team, would you want me on your team or LeBron James, possibly the best basketball player of all time? We are both humans, but our abilities on the court are not equal. It’s the same with MSCs. Some perform better than others. That’s why we’ve been working to select the best cells for use in patients with chronic disease. Now we can retrospectively analyze existing data of outcomes. We are the only stem cell company with the data to do that.


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Dr. Neil Riordan recently posted a video on Twitter of stem cells dividing. This footage actually shows one of the greatest advancements in regenerative medicine. At Stem Cell Institute, we use stem cells that provide benefits that other types can’t, making them ideal for treatments. Our Golden Cell™ are selected and designed to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients.

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