Stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury: CBS News – Gina McLoud

Working to Walk Again
Chris McKinnon – CBS News KRE TV

A year ago Brandy Moss was just like any 16 year old. Moss doesn’t remember the car accident that left her paralyzed from the chest down, only what doctors told her at the hospital.

She explained, “I was going to pick my mom up from work and I went over a hill, the guy was on my side of the road and we just clashed.”

Moss does not like to look backwards so she continues to focus on what is ahead for her, “Even if it’s just little ways like helping me move
my fingers or something, even if it’s not walking, it would make life
so much easier.”

Her sights are now set on a stem-cell procedure, which is available in Panama.

Moss explained, “It’s my chance to walk.”

Gina McLoud, from Delta knows first hand how important this procedure can be. She’s had two stem cell procedures done, the first said, gave her results within a month. Once confined to her wheelchair, McLoud is now able to stand and walk but it hasn’t come easy.

She explained, “It’s not a miracle, it’s not a cure. You have to work
very hard.”

McLoud spends two to three hours a day in the gym, five days a week
making sure her muscles stay stimulated. As she continues to gain strength, she wants to dispel some of the myths about stem cell treatment, which she said has a stigma attached because of
misconceptions. For instance, her stem cell procedure uses adult stem cells and her own blood marrow.

Now McLoud serves as an inspiration for someone like Brandy Moss who hopes to one day walk again.

Since this stem cell treatment is not available in the United States, it’s extremely costly: about $30,000.

There is an auction to help raise money for Brandy Moss’s this Saturday, August 6th, at Zack’s Barbeque in Hotchkiss starting at 8am.

You can also make donation at the Delta County Federal Credit Union.

Stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury: Tim Bishop

After suffering a T-6 spinal cord injury, Tim Bishop underwent 2 rounds of clinical protocols at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama. Watch him demonstrate the remarkable gains he’s made thus far. He also discusses his transformation from the despair of being bedridden and just “arms and a head” to the hope of one day walking again. Stem cell therapy – “This is reality!”

Stem cell therapy – “This is reality!”

My name is Ernest (Tim) Bishop and I am a T-6 Level Paraplegic, on November 26th 2008, the day before Thanksgiving I was on my way home to help my wife and daughter finish making the pies for Thanksgiving Day and I had a car accident. I came home on February 24, 2009. Since then I have been researching stem cells and all other avenues I can in hopes of regaining the functions of an able bodied person. I found Costa Rica and a lady (Trish) who had already been to Costa Rica. She went to Costa Rica for one month. I went in March 2010. I am hoping to raise enough money to go get more stem cell therapy and bone marrow like Trish did. I have had some significant gains since I have had the stem cell shots. I have gained from my chest right below the breast bone to my pelvic area. I can now feel sensations and have gained muscles in my stomach and back. Before my first set of stem cells I had none of this…I just think of where I might be if I would of been able to stay for a month of treatments. I will know the full benefit of my stem cells up to six months after the treatment and that will be around September 2010. The therapy in other countries is also so much better than in the US. In the US therapy is all about teaching you how to live with the way that you are and about taking notes during what is supposed to be your time. In Costa Rica the therapy was about not settling for less and trying to get you to focus on and do things that you would never think was possible. All of the US doctors have said “you are paralyzed and you will never walk again, that’s just the way it is.” That does not give one hope at all. In Costa Rica I was treated with hope. They encouraged me to try to move my legs, to stand in walker and got me to do it. They got me to do things that I haven’t done since the accident. It felt so great just to stand…While I was there; there were three T-6 complete paraplegics. Two of them were walking with braces and the other one was me. The two that was walking with braces were on their second trip.

Giving birth after stem cell treatments for spinal cord injury

Trish Stressman and her husband Scott discuss how stem cell therapy at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama allowed her to recover to the point at which she could safely give birth and care for her newborn daughter, Savannah Hope.
Prior to stem cell treatment, Trish had no core muscles and would not have been able to even safely hold a baby, let alone care for one. Since stem cells, that’s all changed. Congratulations Trish, Scott and Savannah Hope!

Stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury: Christina Cohen

Christina Cohen, discusses her progress after undergoing stem cell therapy at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama. Christina suffered a T-12 injury after falling from a 150 ft cliff. Since then, she has regained movement, greatly reduced her dependency on drugs and regained bladder and partial bowel control.