Stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis: Preston Walker

Preston Walker A Different Approach Sergeant Preston Walker Courtesy Sergeant Preston Walker After undergoing conventional therapy for MS for several years, Fort Worth police sergeant Preston Walker learned about a new therapy for autoimmune disorders. Researchers were utilizing adult stem cells derived from cord blood at The Institute of Cellular Medicine in Costa [...]

Stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis: Richard Humphries

Stem Cell Institute Community Outreach (February 26, 2011 – Dallas, Tx) – Richard describes his miraculous recovery from secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and how stem cell therapy at the Stem Cell Institute took him from crawling to the bathroom and being effectively bedridden to playing and teaching golf once again.

Stem cell treatments for multiple sclerosis: CBS News 4 report on Jennifer Blankenship

News of the stem cell bill signing was received with joy by a Lakewood woman who says the research has already improved her life. CBS force Terry Jessup goes in depth this evening with how the research in other countries is helping people in Colorado. Coloradans are hopeful for the future. “…I see normally, and [...]

Stem cell treatments for multiple sclerosis: NEWS 8 report by Janet St. James

For Thousands of people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, a plane trip may be more effective than a trip to their doctor’s office. There is a new treatment oversees that is getting some amazing results, but it is not yet allowed in the United States. Here is a look at what the patients are up against. [...]