Stem cell treatments for multiple sclerosis: Michell Berry, MLT (ASCP)

Stem Cell Therapy…Real Treatment, Real Hope! “I had just started another round of IV Solumedrol for my multiple sclerosis (MS) on Nov. 10, 2009. I was very upset because this was my 2nd flare-up within only 5 months. I knew my MS was starting to progress more. I was scared, concerned about my 4-year old [...]

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Contract’s end means changes for stem cell scene

In 2005 WiCell, a nonprofit organization affiliated with the University of Wisconsin was charged with creating and maintaining a national embryonic stem cell bank supported by the Federal Government.  At that time the 21 embryonic stem cell lines that were approved by former president George W. Bush's administration were made available for researchers.  The importance [...]

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