Stemedica Treats First Patient with Ischemic Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Stemedica Cell Technologies Press Release The San Diego stem cell company Stemedica Cell Technologies, Inc reported treatment of its first patient as part of a 35 patient clinical trial in stroke patients. The study uses bone marrow stem cells that have been preconditioned with hypoxia and used in a non-matched manner. The trial is being [...]

Ischemic Stroke Recovery May Be Improved Using Stem Cell Therapy

At the American Heart Association's International Stroke Conference in New Orleans, two studies suggested that stem cell therapy improves functional recovery following subacute ischemic stroke and may aid in regenerative therapy. One hundred and twenty subacute ischemic stroke patients were treated with mononuclear bone marrow-derived stem cells. Patients ranged in age from eighteen to seventy [...]

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How Bone Marrow Stem Cells Help in Stroke Recovery

Nakano-Doi et al. Stem Cells 28(7):1292-302. May 2011 Scientists from the Institute for Advanced Medical Sciences of Hyogo, Japan have announced new research findings suggesting that bone marrow stem cells may be useful in the treatment of stroke. Although other scientists have previously demonstrated similar findings, including in patients, (Suárez-Monteagudo et al. Restor Neurol Neurosci. [...]

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Study Shows Patient’s Own Stem Cells Help Stroke Recovery: 16 Treated Patients Improve in Comparison to 36 Controls

Lee et al Stem Cells 28:1099 Stroke is caused by blocked circulation to parts of the brain usually as a result of a blood clot. Outcomes of stroke are generally proportional to the length of time the circulation was blocked and to the amount of brain tissue injury and death. Although the introduction of “clot [...]

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