VIDEO: Neil Riordan, PA, PhD discusses Stem Cells: Their Role in Aging and in the Treatment of Chronic Diseases

At our May 4th 2019 event in Southlake, Texas, Dr. Riordan discusses stem cell therapy at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama. He mentions the two main types of adult stem cells but his talk focuses on mesenchymal stem cells including their sources and functions. Then he goes on to [...]

Stem cell pioneer sets sights on Japan – Japan Times features Neil Riordan, PhD of Medistem Panama

"We enjoy the advantage of having a large amount of clinical data on 2,000 patients. So we analyzed who received which cells and which cells worked best in different conditions. This allowed us to create our selection process through molecular profiling,” explained Medistem (Panama) Founder and CEO Dr. Neil Riordan. Operating what is arguably the [...]

Allogeneic and autogolous stem cell therapy combined with physical rehabilitation: A case report on a chronically injured man with quadriplegia

Daniel Leonard in Panama This is a research paper written by Rebecca Johnston, Daniel Leonard's sister. She recently graduated from a Physical Therapy degree program, and wrote her Capstone paper about Daniel's stem cell therapy treatment in Panama. Daniel is presented anonymously in the paper, but Rebecca and Daniel have given their permission for [...]

Umbilical cord stem cells may lead to new spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis treatments

Researchers in Florida have accomplished converting umbilical cord stem cells into other cell types. According to University of Central Florida bioengineer James Hickman, it's the first time that non-embryonic cells have accomplished this feat. His research group published this work in the January 18th issue of ACS Chemical Neuroscience. Two major benefits of umbilical cord-derived [...]

AuxoCell Laboratories Licenses Umbilical Cord Tissue Stem Cell Service to PerkinElmer’s ViaCord

Viacord Press Release Cord blood private banking involves storing your own cord blood mononuclear cells in case you need them later. Cord blood public banking involves banking the cells into a public pool so that if others need them, they have access to them. In some ways it seems like cord blood private banking is [...]

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Beike Biotechnology Reports on 114 Patients Treated with Novel Cord Blood Stem Cell Protocol

New Approach Opens Door to Expanded Uses of Cord Blood Stem Cells Beike Biotechnology Press Release Beiki Biotechnology and Medistem Inc (MEDS.PK) report positive safety data in 114 patients with neurological conditions treated using Beiki’s proprietary cord blood stem cell transplantation protocol. In the peer-reviewed paper “Safety evaluation of allogeneic umbilical cord blood mononuclear cell [...]

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Histostem Works With Korean Government Agency to Provide Cord Blood Storage for Multicultural Families

The US company Amstem through subsidiary signed a partnership agreement with the Songpa-Gu Office of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, to provide umbilical cord blood banking to multicultural families for up to 15 years.  Cord blood is currently used for treatment of patients with blood disorders such as leukemias as an alternative to bone marrow.  Unfortunately [...]

Cord blood stem cells help meet minority marrow needs

Leukemias are cancers of the cells that give rise to white blood cells.  For example in myeloid leukemias the cells that normally would become the blood cells neutrophils or macrophages start to make copies of themselves but refuse to mature.  What happens is that the body is flooding with cells that on the one hand [...]