VIDEO: Neil Riordan, PA, PhD discusses Stem Cells: Their Role in Aging and in the Treatment of Chronic Diseases

At our May 4th 2019 event in Southlake, Texas, Dr. Riordan discusses stem cell therapy at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama. He mentions the two main types of adult stem cells but his talk focuses on mesenchymal stem cells including their sources and functions. Then he goes on to discuss specifically the specially selected human umbilical cord tissue-derived MSCs used in Panama. He highlights several clinical trials for spinal cord injury, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and cancer inhibition. He shows MSCs growing in culture and discusses 3D culturing. He then goes into cord tissue products being offered in the US including Signature Cord, a minimally-manipulated Wharton’s jelly product he developed. Finally, Dr. Riordan discusses current US law and the new stem cell law in Texas, including where he sees the industry in the US going from here.

Stem Cell Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis – Arminda Bourin

Arminda Bourin has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis since 2003. She underwent adult stem cell therapy at the Stem Cell Institute in February 2012 because her swollen, painful ankles made it very difficult for her to walk. This interview takes place approximately one year after treatment.

Before coming to Panama, Ms. Bourin tried everything from anti-inflammatory and auto-immune medication to homeopathy and finally surgery on her left ankle, “Which I regret because if I had waited [until after the stem cell therapy], it would not have been necessary. The other foot with the same symptoms is now better without any surgery. I think it was the stem cells.”

Ms. Bourin learned about the Stem Cell Institute from her husband’s cousin, Judi Lecoq. Judy received treatment for multiple sclerosis and, “…told us how wonderful the treatment was and that she was so much better.”

Regarding the doctors, staff and clinic, “They are wonderful. Everybody has been so kind.”

Upon being asked, “Has this treatment changed your life?” Ms. Bourin responded, “Well, yes. I was not walking too much. I needed a wheelchair. It was painful anyway. So to be able to go shopping, that’s a miracle!”

Stem cell treatments for rheumatoid arthritis: Tracey Renneberg

Tracey Renneberg discusses her improvements following stem cell therapy for rheumatoid arthritis. Tracey is now in Panama multiple sclerosis treatment. “My rheumatoid arthritis is completely gone. This leg used to drag and now I can pick it up and walk. If patients have rheumatoid arthritis or MS, this is where they should be.”

Stem cell therapy for rheumatoid arthritis: Michael Foster

In 2005, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and started treatment right away. The traditional treatments did not seem to work. I changed from several treatments and the one that did was an experimental drug. It worked pretty good for about 4 or 5 months and then I fell back. That was about 2 years ago. Then we discontinued it. It really didn’t work. Then I started on Humira and it really didn’t seem to do much of anything. At that time, I could barely walk across street. I was in constant pain.

A year ago in August, I did the stem cells. After about 3 or 4 months, I started to notice a difference. I can’t say I am 100% but from what I was to what I am, I got my life back. I am basically pain free. I still have a little bit of, not necessarily pain but, discomfort in my toes occasionally and sometimes in various joints. It bounces around a little bit. But it’s nothing, nothing like it was before.

In the beginning, I couldn’t sleep for more than 10 minutes at a time and I had to sit in a chair to be able to sleep for those 10 or 15 minutes. It was very discouraging. In fact, I wanted to die. It was so intense that I didn’t want to go on that way. It was not life. And even with the traditional treatments that seemed to help somewhat but it was no relief.

And now with this – like I said – I have my life back. And I am not taking any poisons. I function, basically, normally. I am basically pain free compared to what it was.

They did a mini-liposuction, processed it and gave it to me intravenously. We extended the treatment over 3 or 4 weeks. Since I live here (Panama) it was a lot easier to do that instead of doing it continually which I believe is what they do for most people who live outside Panama. People who had not seen me in a while said that my face has changed and my look. I feel different. Of course, when you are living with pain, you’re awful tight and that’s changed. I just saw some people who I have not seen in a while last week. They remembered when they saw me last, I couldn’t walk. They said, “Wow! You are a new person now.” And I am.

Michael Foster – Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient

Stem cell therapy for rheumatoid arthritis: Darnell Morris

I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for thirty years. I have pain and swelling in all my joints. I have had my left knee replaced also three knuckles in my right hand. I have been on numerous medications for years. None of these proved to be much help. I was not going to take any of the drugs that knockout the immune system. So I was looking for something else when a good friend of mine went to the Stem Cell Institute for treatment of MS. The result was wonderful for him. So I applied and went to Panama City, Panama and had the treatments. We got home on a Tuesday and by Monday I could raise both arms over my head. I have not been able to do this in two years. I also have experienced a feeling of relief in my body. I think this is because the pain level is so much lower after my treatment. I look forward to the year ahead for my continued improvement. I am so thankful I went. My experience was very comfortable and made simple by the planning and preparations of the doctors and their staff.

“I could raise both arms over my head. I have not been able to do this in two years. I also have experienced a feeling of relief in my body. I think this is because the pain level is so much lower after my treatment.”

Update: April, 2011

Good morning,

I am doing quite well . At times, my hands and feet get sore and tender. This is not anywhere close to what it was before. I am thinking of coming back sometime in the future for another treatment. I think that would resolve that problem. Overall, my life has improved tremendously.

When I first came down with rheumatoid arthritis, I had a really big attack . All of my major joints were inflamed , swollen, and painful. At first, my doctors didn’t give me a diagnosis. After this initial onset, the symptoms settled down to my knees, ankles, and hands. This was the way it was for a good many years . Then my feet became involved.

My condition was debilitating. I couldn’t get out of a chair without a struggle or the aid of someone else. Standing was painful due to my feet and knees. Of course the pain, swelling, & inflammation were always present.

Since my stem cell treatment, I can get out of a chair without even thinking; normally and pain free. I am able to raise my arms over my head. I haven’t been able to do that for 5 years. In general, I can say that all my movements are fluid and more normal that they were before treatment .

My quality of life has improved so much.

I went for my Well Woman’s exam and told them about my GREAT improvements. My doctor was impressed and was glad I went; no bias. I still had a high Sed Rate. That was about four months ago. I feel this high rate is due to my hands and feet still having some problems.

However, after my doctor watched me move and walk around , and checked my joints for tenderness, she could see that I had improved.

I would like to say that I was greatly impressed with the doctors, staff and clinic in Panama. Everything was so thought-out. I had no worries because so much preparation had been done for the patients. I was impressed by such cleanliness both in the hospital and the clinic. The staff was so warm and friendly. The doctors were very patient-oriented and clear while explaining the treatments; no language barrier. Panama is such a beautiful country . We loved the history and the people. We just enjoyed our stay.

I have recommended this treatment to others many, many times. I speak to people very often about stem cell treatment and I never miss the opportunity to express how much this has changed my life. Let’s just say that I stay ready to inform people about these treatments!

I am so very thankful for the research that has been done for people. I was looking at being in a wheelchair in the future. Now, I am looking forward to yard work , showing my longhorn cattle, and vacationing with my husband. Enjoying life before was just a dream and now I can truly enjoy each day. Keep up the research. If I can be of any help I am your servant.

Thank You,

Darnell Morris

Stem cell therapy for rheumatoid arthritis: Kathleen Flores

“Since the treatment I have no pain; I feel really healthy and now I workout 3 times per week and I`m in better shape than I have been in years.”

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis by my rheumatologist 3 years ago. He wanted me to start some very strong drugs but I didn`t want them because I saw the secondary effects that they had on some of my friends that also have RA. I started searching for alternative options and thank God I found the stem cell treatment. Before my treatment I couldn`t walk without any help, could not climb stairs and I spent all day lying in bed because I felt sick.

After my first day of treatment I slept well, and after the 3rd and last treatment I was walking without any pain or help, it was amazing! Since the treatment I have no pain; I feel really healthy and now I workout 3 times per week and I`m in better shape than I have been in years. The Stem Cell doctors were wonderful with me and I highly recommend this treatment to any one with RA. The cost is not expensive compared to all the money I spent in meds and doctors before I got the stem cell treatment, in fact I save a lot of money.