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New Bones Formed by Stem Cells

A breakthrough in human bone treatment has been made by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Malaysian stem cell firm StemLife Bhd. By using natural bone substances in combination with stem cells, a team of scientists has developed a new technique to produce bones. By combining stem cells with collagen and hydroxyapatite, NUS and StemLife scientists announced that they were able to produce a new substance that acts like bone.

Hydroxyapatite is an inorganic mineral that make up the bone. Giving structural strength to bone, blood vessels, heart, skin, cartilage, and eye; collagen is a protein in human tissues. Found in all multi-cellular organisms that retain the ability to renew themselves, stem cells are considered to be primal cells.

New bone tissue is generated when the invented biomaterial mineralizes bone-forming stem cells or osteoblasts said Professor Seeram Ramakrishna, the NUS’ dean of engineering, in an interview on nanotechnology website

In order to treat defective bone and muscle, as well as heal wounds, the technique will enable orthopedic doctors to create bone linings and bone fillers according to StemLife.

Orthopedic science could be revolutionized in the future due to this breakthrough said Professor Aw Tar Choon who is the chief medical officer of StemLife. The bone grafting industry, which is currently operating at over $1-billion dollars, will also be open to the firm now.

International scientific journals published the findings of the Singapore and Malaysian scientists. At a cost of $90,046, it took StemLife two years to conduct the research on developing new bone.

Fall Seminar 2015 – Dallas-Fort Worth

Adult Stem Cell Therapy for Orthopedics and Human Diseases
Saturday, October 10th from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Hilton Dallas/Southlake Town Square
1400 Plaza Place
Southlake, Texas 76092

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Join us for informational presentions by:

Neil Riordan, PA, PhD – Founder, Riordan-McKenna Institute / Stem Cell Institute

Why Stem Cells Work: Clinical Trials for Spinal Cord Injury, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Wade McKenna, DO – Founder, Riordan-McKenna Institute

Potential of Stem Cells to Enhance Surgical and Non-Surgical Outcomes in Sports Injuries and Orthopedic Procedures

Roger Nocera, MD – Author, Cells That Heal Us From Cradle to Grave

Cells That Heal Us From Cradle to Grave

Our speakers will be on hand afterwards for a meet and greet. Light snacks will be served.

Admission is free but space is limited. All attendees must register.

Eventbrite - Riordan-McKenna Institute Stem Cell Seminar

For more information contact:

Dusty Taylor
Riordan-McKenna Institute
+1 (817) 776-8155


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